Monday, December 8, 2014

Pythagorean Skein, Solfeggio Frequency & Blood Moons, Huh?


I went to Portland recently because a Torah based, new testament believing friend wanted to show to me something she thought was incredible! I was introduced to Pythagorean Skein and Solfeggio Frequency as a result, Huh?
I am clueless about this stuff but am being bombarded with happenstance information regarding both. I recently received an email from another friend dealing with Gamatria, Pythagorean Skein and Solfeggio Frequency. The email contained the following [I was surprised to see both Solfegio and Pythagorean Skein represented in the following:

I am not sure what to think about all of this so...I am taking a "Look See"

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Paul Ludden said...

Hi. Don't fall for the discovery of the ancient "Solfeggios" that Puleo/Horowitz/Tyrrell have foisted upon us. It's a hoax and nonsense. They have built a giant business on a house of cards. I have researched the very foundation of their claims. Pure nonsense built on other nonsense that ends up sounding very fancy and mysterious. Write me for details if you would like to: Dr. Ludden.