Monday, December 8, 2014

I recently clicked onto Facebook and "OMG!"


I left Facebook in October (2014) I did so after asking myself, "What purpose does any of this really serve?"  I shut down the radio broadcasts both on the Internet and with Salem Communication (Seattle's Conservative Talk Radio Freedom 1590) I have been focusing on writing my next book which is going slower than I had hoped.

If you were to ask my boss and closest of friends, "What is wrong with Jeff these days?" He would tell you that Jeff does not feel like he is accomplishing much and he struggles with not having the financial resources to help people. He might even tell you a few problems concerning my personal life...(Gosh, I hope not!) In other words, he is close, very close to the emotional make up of Jeff Morton.

So, the hundreds of emails that I received from Facebook ended as soon as I left this medium. Proving to me that much of what I thought turned out to be correct. I think FB is a great place to socialize, glean information, and share day to day experiences but very hard to get your hands dirty. I will utilize Facebook in the future but in differing ways that promote.

I recently clicked onto Facebook. Who knew but, when you sign back in you re-activate your page? Well, I realized in a nano second just how much I did not miss this forum. Whew, I deactivated my page, again.......
To be be brutally honest...I am no longer trying to be something that I am not. Don't want to fight, argue or prove any point. What I am really being challenged with is to do the work as opposed to talk, write, or think about it. The world is nuts (What Godless men are doing is beyond my sensibilities) Far too many people are caught in the hellish consequences. I am feeling led to help those people with more than words and a few bucks here and there. When I think of the hundreds of thousands of women and children being slaughtered it is becoming impossible to do nothing.
Too many widows, too many orphans and too many poor, folks who don't have what we have. These people need us to care. I want to be one of those people. I really think that I have put my finger on what has been bugging me for months now...Time to get busy!

I will finish up the book "Women, The Crown Jewel of Creation" in early January. Hoping to get the manuscript to my editor. I hope to have it published shortly thereafter.
The world is so lost that when men look at women and women look at men or when we consider children...most of us do not see God.....

Who are the Un-Colored, Un-Broken, and the Un-Ashamed "Kids of the Kingdom?" This is who I already am, time to go to work!

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