Monday, December 15, 2014

את CEPHER (Cepher Publishing Group LLC)


UPDATE: I have received several emails with comments suggesting concerns about את Cepher
1) "Adding back into the Bible, in particularly TANAHK these books is unsettling."
2) "Is it possible that this new Bible offers reason enough to invalidate the entire New Testament due to adding Catholic books and or books not recognized by the Hebrew Scriptures back into the text?"
3) "If this Bible was a separate effort or a stand alone publication I would consider a copy."  
This person was concerned about adding books to the Bible. Several of my friends have ordered this book or plan to
 Interesting concerns?.....Oh, and my copy is in the mail...Thanks Honey Bunny!

A friend, (Thanks Irene) sent the following information to me. I will probably order this out of curiosity. Abba, Father continues taking those of us listening his word, to Israel, and to what are HIS plans, less pagan [and dare I say,] religious interpretations. I am more interested in what YHVH is doing as opposed to the truth men glean from interpretations.

Seeing the acceleration of YAHWEH's purposes is breathtaking to me!

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source website click here

I don't know anything about Mr Stephen Pidgeon...but I sure like what he (they) have done. I hope to order this soon.....

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