Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Anti-G-d, Two witnesses revealed during Chanukkah, 2014 [????]


I have listened to this three times. Now, I am asking YOU all to listen to this...share you comments...Jew, Gentile alike. [You Tube presentation featuring Robert Bowman below]

I have my own thoughts about this but I am seeking yours....
For those of you who are not familiar with Gematria, Click Here
FYI: I find the most unique thing about the current Blood Moon tetrads is....YHVH wanted the world talking about them!

"In this video Robert Bowman applies gematria to explain the relationship between the blood moon tetrads, feasts, and prophecy."

My personal disclaimer: I know nothing about Robert Bowman nor do I know how to contact him. So, I am extrapolating his information without followup. I am always leary when people make absolute statements concerning what God is doing. I have asked my Pastor to review this. He has done so...Found it "Interesting" pointing out a few errors"
This is all he offered with regard to the video. I by no means have his wisdom concerning any of this.

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