Monday, December 8, 2014

America, The country that Pole Vaulted into Hell


 Tell this loon that beheading people is horrific!

The pending report being released by Senate Democrats concerning U.S. tactics of interrogation makes my personal claim about the Democrats/Liberals even more absolute...These people serve hell, the communists, jihadist and Satan himself...."Liberalism is that which insists on making no sense at all"....and so it goes! 

Today's Republican leadership serves the Democrats....We have no representation in Government. Need Proof: Well ask a simple question......
Why in the world does the Congress fund Obamacare and everything else that Obama has done? 
I look at what this generation is doing, especially in America realizing America is become a country that will go down in human history as the, "Country that Pole Vaulted into Hell"
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Now we are throwing the CIA under the bus! [while Obama is in office.....]
How to destroy a nation in  less than eight years Answer: Elect the first Black, White, Christian Muslim, Democrat, Communist to the Presidency who hates Capitalism and Free Enterprise.

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