Friday, December 19, 2014

A Very Personal, "GOFUNDME" Campaign



I received the following response from Dan and Toni Johnson with regard to a few questions that I had concerning their very recent loss...

"Neither our car insurance nor the home insurance will cover the damage because they call it an act of God and won't cover that. But our landlords are amazing and have been out here every single day getting the tree taken care of and repairs to the house done. And he's 75 years old! They're paying for our hotel stay and gave us a ride there and to the store. They have been amazing and a blessing! Thank you, this has been really difficult everything that just keeps happening, but God has kept me full of joy throughout! I'm going to keep on praising Him! Thank you Jeff, you have blessed and been a blessing to my family so many times especially these past few years! I am so grateful for you and Michele."
Right to Left-Julia, Toni, Christina & Sonya

I know the family, I have known Toni since she was 6 months old. Today Toni is an excellent Mom having presented to Dan three little girls. I think the world of Toni, I really, really do! My daughter Julia, is Toni's sister (two dads...Sum Ya'll' figured that out!) The girls are approaching 30 years of age fast. Julia is the younger of the two...They are wonderful people of faith and they are part of my extended family, Nuff Said!

My daughter Julia placed the "GoFundMe" up asking YOU all to help with a financial contribution. She originally had a request of $1000.00..Now that I understand better the situation I was certainly glad to see Julia make a necessary change. This family really does need help. The vehicle dilemma  simply added a gigantic problem atop a layer of issues that they face....Please, CLICK HERE and generously help them to reach, better yet, exceed the goal.

From the depth of my spirit thank you (And for all of you praying folks...PLEASE Raise up a prayer for this young family)

Thank You
Jeff Morton


Julia Sueper said...

Thank you Dad, this is wonderful. I really appreciate what you're doing to help and I love you and I love your spirit!

Jeff Morton said...


Toni Johnson said...

Wow, thank you, this is truly amazing and so wonderful! I love you fam!!