Monday, November 24, 2014

The Bible vs Lunacy!


I continue to read scriptures written hundreds of years ago about societies that have long since vanished. I read the stories about ancient lives that experienced death and destruction while building the future, creating history. The amazing, mind bending life lessons that pour out of the pages not to mention the miraculous that envelops this book, continually moving through the centuries is staggering!

Reconnecting each century to Israel, to God, to humanity to why we are all here offers hope, faith and the possibility that there is more, much more.

Then I turn on the television, watch a few minutes of what ever is on, do a little channel surfing, maybe watch a bit of news only to realize over and over again that this generation is nuts! Watching what is going on in America alone disqualifies hundreds of years of wisdom that built societies. The shear decadence, absurdity, and moronic reality of our generation in the USA is what the Bible warned....
Who knew it would be this catastrophic, the level of idiocy and evil married to virtually every aspect of the American decline. The "American Dream" is nightmarish!......

Powers and Principalities of biblical truth are at the ready with knife and fork down yonder in Ferguson, Missouri  preparing to feast on human stupidity! The lack of, "Content of Character" dessert for the media. Watching how our society is priming this lunacy causes this blogger to wonder if Hell is not so different?.

Chuck Hagel is now fired.....Excuse me? (Just watched his exit speech...Nauseating!)  I suspect this man was not dumb enough! What goes on in the administration of President Barack Obama concerning the shear idiocy of those selected to lead is historically unrecorded. We are watching a first. From Attorney General Eric Holder, to Hagel to, Kerry, to Susan Rice and all of the other folks trashing our Republic, this has to be God ordained. Gathering together this many "Wisdom-less" people has to be due to a Creator who maintains the Universe! Which means to me anyway, the worst is yet to occur!

I wake up everyday wondering how much longer will stupidity be consolidated from centuries long past into my next week, next month, next year?
Environmentalists are only concerned with political power!
Lois Lerner's emails have been found! The IRS, which has a data base on every human being born in the United States of America lost them, remember!

Amnesty and 17 trillion dollars of debt just got married. The tax payers are going to pay for this marriage with wealth that does not exist? Meanwhile, South America is readying it self to move north? Ebola is killing the Africans while the Hispanics are replacing the African American.. After all, the Powers and Principalities need a knew generation of "dumbed down folks demanding reparations due to the Mexican American war!...Hmmm, I can easily imagine an American college student somewhere protesting Israel while the Muslims kill everything recalling the injustices of America concerning Mexico...duh! Good-bye California!

In order to maintain my own personal sanity...I have to read my Bible. The current lunacy demands that I cling to what God promised. What mankind is doing defies world history (in our generation.)

No history has witnessed global nuclear war, global financial collapse, and global idiocy with Godlessness justifying almost every action taken....Lunacy has come to humanity and it started with "Change coming to America."

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