Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Response to Officer Wilson


Darren Wilson speaks publicly for the first time

My response: 
I would have done the same thing that Darren Wilson did if I were a police officer. Because I am not a police officer (I was raised up in the ghetto of Rochester, NY.)..I can easily see myself shooting this teenage thug to death chasing him down the road in order to do it! Because, based on the testimony given I would have been pissed that this dude reached into my car and punched me in the face!

And many of ya know damn well that's exactly what ya'll would do, too!

It is beyond me how the actions of this young man are ignored, excused or treated as though this "Young Adult" had no accountability to do the right thing. Like I keep saying, "Our nation is nuts!"
Nuff Said!

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