Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Country Tis Of Thee


My country tis of thee, 
the land of idiocy 
of thee I cringe
Land where our father's cry
Land where our borders die
From every mountain side 
the God-less, lead

Our politicians plead, 
"Toss out her liberty, 
   of this we sing"
Gone is our, LORD and King 
Who died so we might live
Now abortion & gay marriage win
 guaranteeing the nations end

My country tis of thee
the land of idiocy 
of thee I cringe!
Land where the debt's so high
Land that has Muslim pride
from every mountain side
now Allah lives

The IRS in charge of charging human life
a fee to live
Land where the president lies
Land where integrity dies
From every Mountain side
 immorality breeds

My country tis of thee
forgot her Biblical creed,
 of this I weep.

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