Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mid-Term Elections (are happening during a time of Judgement)

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During my brief AM Radio career in the Seattle market my hearts cry was for people to "Fight Back, Vote Back" sanity into our nation. Encouraging folks to be engaged in the process I thought is paramount to restoring our nation back to what made our country great. Foolishly, I thought that if enough people voted for what is common sense, practical and yes even biblical perhaps we could stay calamity or worse the collapse of our nation.

Well, now I am witnessing the resurgence of moderate Republicans who are in my opinion Democrats who can't spell full throttling towards retaking both houses under Barack Obama. The death of the Tea Party almost certain while the church (Christianity) continues to be muted, and obsolete! Torah based folks vote for insanity or are just as fragmented as are Sunni and Shiite. Nobody is making America a better place it would seem.

Today the elections are going to be held however most of America is not thinking in terms of ancient Nineveh. Much of America according to Reverend Billy Graham is "Worse than Sodom and Gomorrah!"

Personally, I don't see a new horizon on the cusp of these elections, I see more of the same. Lunacy seems to be how we do America today. Legalizing drugs, gay marriage, abortion, nearly 18 trillion dollars in debt. Most of our new laws are based on the whims of individuals who want, "It There way!" God's laws remain thrown under the bus while the nations leadership continues to throw Israel to the wolves...

This is not a wonderful thing these Mid Term Elections but rather a referendum of more of the same...but this time, I think we as a nation are going to watch things get worse with lightening speed....
How many of those elected to office will close the southern border of the United States of America? The answer is none because a majority of Americans are not crying out to God for his leadership
"We the People" have disconnected ourselves from Yahweh 
Nuff Said!

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