Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Islam and Murder, The New Synonym of the 21st Century


I read the following letter, email from Sondra Oster Baras: 
Remembering the Rabbis

In Memory of: Aryeh Kopinsky, Avraham Goldberg, Kalman Levine, & Moshe Twersky

May G-d comfort their families who mourn in Zion

The horrific slaughter of these men, these people, the memories of their deaths now etched into the minds of decent people the world over is the direct result of those who follow, Islam.

The gruesome deaths "filmed on location" of young men beheaded is the direct result of those who follow Islam. The group of people who are almost, for the most part invisible, who declare Moslems murdering hundreds of thousands of people the world over, "Are not true followers of Allah" are also people who practice Islam.

The world is watching murder infiltrate many western countries via Islam while our sons and daughters are being forced to allow this form of 'worship' taught in our schools, prisons and college campuses. We are paying for murder and Islam to become one within our borders. From Spain to California, murder and Islam are moving across the globe like a virus...
What continues to happen to Jews (supported by the United Nations) by Islamic Arabs who call themselves Palestinians is beyond insane!

Therefore, the worst is yet to come! 
(I live with perpetual disbelief at how the world continues to allow this madness)

The police officer Zidan Saif, 30 who responded to help save lives is also dead as a result of Islam and murder.
Humanity has been "clicked off" in the 21st Century


 Deaths Linked to Terrorism Are Up 60 Percent, Study Finds

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