Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hollywood, Where the Accidentally Raped, Overdosed, and Dead....Live!


Our youngest daughter was an extra in the first movie, TWILIGHT. At the time it was exciting to see our youngest involved in acting classes, going to auditions and pursuing this sort of career. Turns out her acting coach was nuts, the movie Twilight was ridiculous and our child (thank God) left this lunacy behind!

It truly is amazing to me how consistent decadence, immorality, child abuse, rape and lascivious behavior is part and parcel of, "Livin' la Vida Loca (the Crazy Life)" The make up, beauty, glamor, and the glitz of Hollywood is actually tawdry, self diluted human beings clowning for the camera, wealth and prestige, living like hell.

Of course, time to add the disclaimer: Not everyone!

I am reading articles concerning Bill Cosby and the allegedly drugging and rape of several women now "swirling around" Hollywood. The countless stories of gay men, power players in Hollywood seducing young boys with promises of being cast in the "Next Big Picture" After all, how many youthful children would not want to be in the next X-Men movie?

Heath Ledger deceased

I have been thinking about adding my "two cents" for a few days now. Actually, when Australian actor, Heath Ledger died of an "Accidental Overdose" I remember thinking, yup, only in Hollywood do you have accidental drug addicts, accidental alcoholics and accidental suicide, or auto erotic- (David Carradine) "Hang me in the closet sex acts that accidentally cause death?"

I love movies! When my kids were small we would rent movies almost every weekend. On the off chance that I would not be working or running service calls you can be sure, we were watching movies in my home. Thinking about all of this business concerning children molested, paid off, turned into drug addicts because of what lies below their waste line is...sick! While watching these movies for all of those years the entertainment value is why we did it. To read about what goes on behind the glitz, the make believe, or just knowing about the systemic lack of morality, abusive reality, death and destruction of young lives is (after all of these years) overtaking my desire to pay the wages of the bastards who do these things.

Elvis Presley dead on the toliet

As a parent, I look at the exploits of Miley Cyrus, the disturbing stories that follow Amanda Bynes or suicides of young male actors like Jonathan Brandis, I thank God our daughter left this lunacy......Were I Billy Ray Cyrus, I would live tortured!

How many people in Hollywood have killed themselves? I wondered about this so I did a cursory look see (Click here)
The number of reported rapes of actors, quite frankly, I tired of reading about them (The numbers are staggering and span 70 years or more)

Switching gears but with the same subject highlighted, I always wondered too, why Michael Jackson never had any little girls accuse him of rape seeing as how dotingly fond he was of children. Suffice it to say, the land of smoke and mirrors is in my opinion a gigantic lie that collects millions of dollars because we want to be entertained with something that does not resemble pain and heartache.
The stories that surround raping young actors and actresses, models, male and female, as well as musicians looking for careers in this industry are mortifying.....and full of pain and heartache!

I remember the first time that I had seen or heard Whitney Houston, I thought, Wow! I don't have a clue about who she was or how she lived. I just know what I have read. When I hear her sing one particular song....I realize just how sad Hollywood's, fame and fortune truly is for countless young people looking to find success in what behind the glamor, and the glitz, most likely resembles hell!

And then their are the tell all books about the gay life styles that expose the traps woven for young boys looking for fame in Hell...I mean Hollywood! How many famous lesbian women lure young girls into sexual molestation? Now that's a question worth asking because...who knew?

I thank God, That I believe in the Bible, I believe in Him!

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