Monday, November 10, 2014

We are His Miracle


In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth
The Water and the Dry land
The Sun and the Moon
He created Time or the Beginning and the End
the Day and the Night, the First and the Last.
He created the Man and the Woman
He created the tree of Life and the tree of Good and Evil
He created the One and the Two
The King and the Kingdom
The Husband and the Wife
The Sperm and the Egg
He created Death and Life

What part of him is not him?
He spoke to Abraham and to Sarah
He was the best friend to Moses
He addressed Joshua with a drawn sword
He spoke to Balam and so did a donkey
He spoke to Gideon while sitting under a tree
He was born of a virgin (God created virginity)He died on a tree (God created death, and the tree
He rose from the grave, God created the grave, life and the restoration of life
He is returning to a place that cannot exist without him?

He is doing something that we cannot explain because we don't see our selves as that something!
Albert Einstein realized order, God created order and Einstein
He is doing all of this while at rest!
God, plus everything else is God...We are his miracle, Nuff Said

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