Tuesday, November 4, 2014

All Contributions for CFYA have been returned!

email Jeff....uncoloringrace@gmail.com

I will place into the mail later today the final dollar amount returned to contributors for the following:

November 1st, 2014

Thank you!

Speaking on behalf of Mr. Nathan Grapes of Grapes2Press LLC (grapes2press.com) and myself, Jeff Morton of AJKM Productions (jeffmorton.blogspot.com) wholeheartedly thank you!

We attempted to do a few things involving young adults, our youth. We hoped to garner support from business, parents and those who see how huge this need is with regard to the direction our nation is heading.

We never heard back from Mr. Dinesh Dsouza concerning his movie America. We could not move forward with out his permission. Numerous attempts to communicate with his organization proved fruitless. Equally, we moved from this effort to bringing candidates running for public office to meet with our youth. We had several candidates from Republican/conservative background agree to attend. Not one Democrat running for office responded, not one! We also had several government officials agree to participate. Sadly, not one young person, NOT ONE registered for that event. Therefore, I cancelled this event as well.

I (AJKM Productions) am returning every contribution received at this time, hence the reason for this letter. Included is a check for the amount received from you specifically reimbursing you.

We tried to do something with very little participation and virtually no parental support. Several businesses pitched in and one church, just one responded!
So, once again…THANK YOU for seeing what we were hoping to do.

Jeff Morton
Owner, AJKM Productions

Look for my next book to be published in January
“Women, The Crown Jewel of Creation”

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