Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Abba, Father, Can I move to Texas?


Pessimistic, overly negative, discouraged.......Nope!

I do not see the world from a Christian narrative, nor do I see the societies that we live in from a secular, worldly view. I see Ancient Near East governmental systems from the 50 United States to Russia trying to take back Ukraine. I see ISIS following ancient treaty covenant law by talking land, killing everything that asserts itself against what these would be caliphate restorative fighters (Murders) declare to be law. I don't see Israel as the place of the Jewish people but rather the Royal Kingdom of the Creator who placed into motion Kings & Kingdoms, Husbands & Wives in order to realize Life & life abundantly.

Mentally, spiritually and realistically I live in a world that has rejected God while at the same time I see God building his Kingdom, continuing his plans and controlling the outcome of everything that he has purposed. We have created a reality that swims against the current but that current is within what Abba, Father is building...The water, the river, the very flow of things not created by men at all. Birds do not know that they fly and fish do not know that they swim and men do not know that the air we breath is provided. We think according to what we do not what is done for us so that we might live. No man maintains the position of the earth, as it moves around it's orbit, within a galaxy, that exists inside of an endless universe.....

I see God better, clearer than I see what we are doing. God's mercy and love for what he promised to accomplish is why we are allowed to exist in the first place. He is so much greater then the wisdom of men and so I watch what he is doing. The very fact that I am breathing at this very moment is because HE has allowed it to be so for yet another day.

So, I am asking him if I can go to Texas with my wife perhaps take my son and his family.. You see, I don't have the ability to cause myself to breath, to wake up and to live! This is all done as a result of the one who created me.
I want to write books about him and who he created us to be. Not about what we have become as a result of ignoring him. I want to celebrate this amazing privilege called life. A few problems to overcome. I don't have a stellar career, the income to support virtually anything really. My wife and I live from paycheck to pay check. Kind of hard to just pack up a truck and hit the road....

So, I ask my Father, my Abba, The God of Israel...Can we move to Texas and will you provide all that we need?

Why Texas? Well, I have an older brother who I have loved all of my life in Texas. I have missed him most of my adult life. I like the conservative folks down in Texas....I am sick of vomiting up liberal, progressive lunacy! Every time that I have been in Texas, I enjoyed being there. Not too sure about the heat. I feel like I forfeited the ability to retire comfortably so I am not sure how to support a move to Texas...I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of the last 38 years....To be honest and after this midterm election cycle I want to get as far away from liberal insanity as is humanly possible!

So..I ask my Abba, my Father, the God of Israel...Can I move to Texas
I see the Kingdom of God which causes in me, JOY. How do you celebrate Joy to a world that ignores the Joy Giver......?

I am clueless but, I still want to move to Texas! However, and even more important than wanting to move to Texas....I want to serve my King, my Abba, Adonai Tsavuot!

Oh and one more thing...Selfishly, I just really don't want to live in the Pac West anymore! However, if he says, "No" then so be it!

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