Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Woman Shares with YOU what God is doing


I will say this until I am dead...If you focus (only) on what the Jews did or did not do, what radical Islam/Moslems are doing or not doing, and finally, what Christians do know or do not know...YOU will not see what God continues to do according to his Word. The Jews were kicked out of the land a few times, Islam is insane in our world today and Christianity is a mixture of just about everything pagan....known! However, God is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

Last Monday night I thought, I will just lay down for a few minutes before it is time to leave for our Monday night service at El Shaddai Ministries. I woke up five hours later, sigh! I missed the following speaker, Sondra Baras. I listened to her presentation a few days later and heard,...was able to follow along, and could clearly see God showing to all of us what he is doing through, always through, Israel! The miracle of Israel is not who the Jewish people are but rather who the God of Israel is......I get this...

My heart cries out almost daily because I see the hand of God keeping a promise to Abraham virtually every single day of my life...Not because of who Abraham was but because of who God is.....Abraham got this too!

Knowing what God is doing for me is like sitting next to him watching it get done! Sondra Baras...gets it too!
Sondra Baras is an Orthodox Jewish woman or a female made in the image of YHVH......

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