Friday, October 31, 2014

Why I Left Radio, Social Media, Facebook etc, etc!


Back in 2006, before I had a "download" about what God is doing, I had started a project to bring black conservatives under an umbrella group. [My attempt to unify black conservatives politically.] I quickly found out that most, not all prominent black politicians were about camera time and self image. I spoke with several very prominent black leaders discovering for myself that being in the spot light, in front of a camera was for many the ultimate goal..Naivety becomes a saving grace when jumping into an arena that is scuzzy, to say the least. I found out too, that being politically involved with party politics meant that you almost have to sell yourself to the media.

Anyway, I received a revelation from God which changed the direction of my entire life. I had forgotten when back in 2007 the Ruach or Spirit of YHWH told me to get out of politics. To the unbeliever that sounds unbelievable but, this is what happened. Recently, I had once again wanted to be politically involved especially with youth or young adults. I had forgotten completely, totally, was not in my brain, that YHWH had directed me away from politics. When what we were trying to do via "Conferences For Young Adults" not only did not happen but did not happen in a big way the Spirit of my God reminded politics!
"Oops, I forgot my LORD.

The radio broadcasts both AM radio and Internet radio...truth be told, I started feeling guilty that people were supporting financially my thoughts, emotions, and personal opinions via Blog Talk Internet radio and Salem Communications, Seattle, Washington. My goal was to have ordinary people come on and share their heart about what YHWH was doing in their lives especially those who have had similar awakenings to the "Hebraic" reality of the entire Bible. I just started feeling like I was not qualified to ask people for money in order to spend an hour or two talking about what I think.......

Perhaps the most significant reason that I pulled back from all of these activities is because....I THINK OUR SOCIETY HAS FLIPPED!
Senator Jeff Sessions, [Alabama] made the following statement: "The world has turned upside down."
I agree wholeheartedly with the senator's sentiment. I am witnessing the complete and utter collapse of what men have built. Every sector of societies around the globe are co-existing with insanity! To offer an analogy: If one takes a balloon and begins to fill it full with air until it explodes this is what I see occurring. What is most amazing about this is all of us, the world over are inside of the balloon!..........

I have wanted to finish a book and so I have pulled back from all of the noise in order to do so. I really don't know what I am supposed to be doing especially having had an amazing revelation from God? What I do know is that great, catastrophic events are looming due to the chaos of men, not God.

Mattiyahu or Matthew wrote: "Unless those days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved. But for the sake of the chosen ones, those days will be shortened." (Matthew 24:22)

The world is out of control but within this world are people who the Elohim of Israel is calling, via his spirit as HE restores the city of King David or Jerusalem.
What is marvelous to me is that I see what God is doing. This is what I have tried to share since 2007. I see the presence of God returning to the garden. I see the plan of God as I look through the balloon (getting ready to explode.) His obligation is, redemption, his plan is life and life abundantly. Men walked away from  the plan but the plan did not change, we did!

As soon as the book is published I will consider returning to radio. I enjoy writing and listening to people share...hope! Besides, I have all of this equipment in my home now to broadcast from home...(save money)
Social media has afforded me to meet amazing people. However, when I shut down those media sights most of those people are gone as well....But what I do know and found out as a direct result of Social media is that what YEHOVAH showed to me in 2007,  he has shown to millions!


Peggy Hutt said...

Keep in touch Jeff! PLEASE....I understand and are a Child of the Most High God. I am a Hebrew. What the world might refer to as "One of the lost 10 Tribes." But they are NOT lost...only to those that cannot see. God's children were never lost from Him, His DNA is in us!


BilbosOreo said...

Hello my friend. I am wondering if it is your plan to still be updating this blog? It is a blessing to many of us, and I encourage you to stay connected to those of us who feel we are in your community. You are a blessing to many, my friend. Please do not isolate yourself from those who care about and for you, and those who you touch as well. Shalom my friend, Pam

Jeff Morton said...

Blog is my journal....of sorts! Thanks Pam!

Jop P said...

Such an amazing article. Especially the last two lines are really very touching and internally force the reader to think about it. The wording is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing and keep up the same in future as well.