Monday, October 20, 2014

Request Concerning Women, [from around the globe]


Update: thank you for the submissions ladies I have already chosen three that are placed at the beginning of each chapter..Please continue submitting...please read below

In my first book every chapter begun with a verse of scripture emphatically restating "Keep my Commandments" or quoting God's Laws
My daughter's painting 2006

For my current effort "Women, The Crown Jewel of Creation" I am seeking women from around the  world to submit two or three sentences sharing how rejection has affected their (your) lives.

If you wish to submit how not being rejected has benefited your live you are welcome to do so.
Once I receive them they become part of my intellectual property. I will use several of your statements throughout the book. (I will only print your initials no full names please include your State of residency or country.)
In order for you to understand how my book will challenge the way men see women (For centuries) please consider watching the following from my friend, Dr. Frank Seekins.

Please submit your statements, your thoughts and your brief personal experience to J. Morton ""

Please, I am looking for responses from heterosexual women.

With respect,


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