Sunday, October 19, 2014

Leaving Facebook, for now


A very personal note to the "Kids of the Kingdom"

When back in 2007 God showed to me what we have not been taught for 1800 years...the reality of my whole world changed. I started writing a blog, had a website put together (Hear & Obey) was invited to do television, radio interviews, speaking engagements. Not one part of my faith based consciousness was unaffected. Soon after this a divorce, (our family exploded) stricken with cancer, a host of circumstances just torpedoed what my world was both experiencing and struggling through. I relocated to Tacoma and lived with strangers. I was no longer the owner of a company, no longer a family man but, rather emotionally broke, financially strapped and damn near destitute.

However, this thing that YHWH showed to me was like a bomb growing within me. I stared having God centric dreams that revealed aspects of the Bible that to this very day blow my mind. I started writing a blog...

What the hell is a blog? 
I started writing. Grammar, punctuation, proper sentencing who can remember that crap!...I just started writing.
Writing got me through some very difficult times. In fact, writing my book, my 1st book, "Un-Coloring Race, Black to Breisheet" muddled for me the insanity going on in our family life. I had no idea while writing it that cancer was growing in my throat...Another curve ball about to smack my world!

Through all of this along with the idol like worship of politics (then came Barack Obama) I was watching, still watching what God showed to me happening. Okay so, I cannot explain what God showed to me to any of you. I have been trying for 8 years...Nevertheless, what I now see is what confirms God and what he is doing. I will say it again Barack Obama is worse than the attack on the Twin Towers but like the collapse of the destruction of the Twin Towers he, Barack Obama is also another aspect of judgment....

[I am telling you what God showed to me..I could really, truly careless what you think about it in defense of Barack Obama]

You will remember the woman who touched the tzit zits of Jesus (Yeshua) and was cured of the issue of blood. Well, I can imagine very easily the joy that was in her life for the rest of her life. This is how I feel no matter what comes my way...always living with Joy.

What I know in my spirit about all that is soon to occur will be shocking!...
It is like for me, knowing calamity from the thoughts of God himself in advance.
I know that what the nations are going to experience is going to be sudden and cataclysmic.
I will offer the following analogy:

When it started raining back in the days of Noah, no one could have imagined what was actually happening...Well folks that's what going to occur. No one in world history will have imagined such a thing.....But, it is coming and this time we will be the ones doing it!

I am not fearful of this because God, through the Jews wrote and told us "Such as the world has never seen!"

So, I am stepping back to write or finish....Women, The Crown Jewel of Creation! When done, I will put another Facebook page up based on this book and writing. Throughout all of this craziness that we are all witnessing, I am going to write. Prior to all of these changes, I had no idea that I enjoyed writing.

I have done so much of everything else....
I recalled a week ago YHWH making clear to me..."Get out of Politics!" That was 8 years ago. Well I forgot about that and boy, did I witness doors slamming shut!  Sorry Abba, Father, I forgot!
To conclude:
Watching the news the other day about a lawyer who was forced to take her baby to court because she had no one else to watch her newborn. According to the report the judge chastised her, embarrassed her and belittled her in front of his court room.......This is what the Crown Jewel of Creation, namely God's daughters have to endure because of the garbage that far too many men have become....I am writing about all of this crap!!!!! (Source)
In my mind, that mother and her baby were the most important people in this idiots court room!

I never did get Twitter so deleting that account will be a piece of cake...
At least on Facebook, I have met some amazing people...and amazing idiots too! Oh well,
Nuff Said!


Jaylene said...

I have noticed many people who weave politics into The Word. Truly it allows people to disregard posts based on the politics and they ignore the precious Word as well. Politics dilute The Word of God! Thank you for your honesty. Good luck in writing your book, I hope you find the peace you're looking for.

Jeff Morton said...

Thanks for peace, plenty of it until I start "3-Fiving"

What is 3-Five you might ask? Well, its kind of like High Fiving....

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in Yahweh with all your heart, and don't LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING.

3:fiving expression for "leaning on MY OWN understanding!

Say good bye to peace when that happens