Friday, October 10, 2014

Gone Fishing?

Isaiah 45:17 Israel will be saved by Yahweh with an everlasting salvation. You will not be disappointed nor confounded to ages everlasting.

I spoke with Pastor Ron Domina of Bethel Christian Fellowship yesterday. He called to share with me what God has done to open his eyes concerning God's Calendar & Festivals and Torah. Pastor Ron Domina is in his mid seventies. I have known him for nearly forty years. My family started attending the church that Pastor Ron Domina soon became the Pastor of nearly forty years ago. At that time the church was an Assemblies of God.

You see, our mother, Mrs Geraldine Morton of Rochester, NY accepted Jesus shortly after I did all of those many years ago. I was living in Portland, Oregon at the time having left home to come and live with my eldest brother who had left Rochester in 1973. I arrived in Oregon at age seventeen in the early months of 1977

Prior to that time I lived near Ithaca, NY for nearly 4 years at George Junior Republic. I was sent to this place by the family court system of Monroe County because I was a dysfunctional kid full of rage. I had a high IQ (?) so the state, rather then send me to a locked down facility introduced me to George Junior Republic. I honestly believe that George Junior Republic kept me from spending my life time in prison. This place changed the course of my life. I share this story because I wanted to convey to you all that I have been away from my family including cousins, aunts, uncles, my home town since the age of thirteen.

I shared some of my testimony in my book, UnColoring Race (Black to Breisheet) I stopped counting how many people have contacted me having read my book. My family had a terrible time growing up. Seven kids with one mother and a dog named Satan. In comes Jesus and eventually,  Pastor Ron Domina. The course of our mother's life changed as well. Mom never looked back.
Pastor Ron Domina has been a pivotal force in our family. I have known him from afar. I have followed Bethel Christian Fellowship (as it is now called) for many years.

Why share all of this?

Two years ago I dreamed that I was walking down the street that we grew up on, Elba Street, Rochester, NY. I was sharing what God poured into me with a bunch of kids as I walked down the street. Two weeks later I was in Rochester, NY sitting across from Pastor Ron Domina sharing Torah, the Calendar of God and his festivals. I presented him with a bunch of information concerning what God has showed to me. He was indulgent but not really getting what I was sharing. [Yesterday, during our conversation he said a few times..."I have been trying to find all of that information you presented to me two years ago. Its around here somewhere and I will find it"...(lol!)] He shared that he had purchased a case of El Shaddai Ministries Hebrew Calendar, Blood Moon books, DVD's and the Festivals of the Lord information. Click Here to order the same, duh? (smile)

When I left his office nearly two years ago God whispered into my spirit, "I am going to show to him what I have shown to you." I knew in that moment I was there because God sent me to...Ron Domina! I left Pastor Ron Domina's office confident. I again saw Pastor Ron Domina last year at Christians United For Israel in DC...You see Pastor Ron Domina is a staunch supporter of Israel [If you want to get on God's good side, become a staunch supporter of Israel. Watch what happens to your biblical world!] My sister paid for my trip to Rochester...She loves Torah while El Shaddai Ministries sent me to CUFI Summit in DC. In other words, YHWH is with me even when I stray away from why he poured all of this amazing stuff into my spirit.

Which brings me to, "Gone Fishing!"

Since 2007 my entire inner person is electrified! My spirit is moving at light speed because I want to share with CHRISTIANS what God showed to me, [to many, many people] about how far we have gotten from what he is doing. What I was taught when I accepted the LORD is the very thing that leads away from him, from Israel. I have done just about everything Jeff knows how to do to be engaged. Right, wrong, left, right, up, down...YOU name it, I have, done it! From both radio & television interviews, speaking engagements, a radio show both, on the AM dial, and Internet radio. I have been writing this blog since 2007, have had three websites and several articles published. I am contacted by people from all over the globe as a result of my internet presence.

My whole life has been transformed in ways the I have not been able to explain to anyone.. The lumps and the bumps are not as big to recover from. The heartache, mistakes and rejections are not as personal and a joy, never ending is always present, always! I keep learning, continue to receive from YHWH mind blowing stuff. The best way to describe my inner most person is to imagine a person sitting on the edge of their seat watching a movie featuring his Hero! Watching his Hero starring in an IMAX production fix all of life's problems. This is how I feel daily. Even when I am going through a low point. It is like watching a repeat of my Hero saving the day from moment to moment, day to day, year to year, century to century all having to do with.....ISRAEL!

So rather than do all of those things or continue on that path....I am going fishing! I love to write all of this stuff down or to journal (basically) my day to day world view. So, while fishing, I am going to finish a book I started almost two years ago. I am going to write about the women like my mother, my sisters, my wife, my daughters...God's daughters! I am going to finish, "Women, the Crown Jewel of Creation"

God keeps showing to me, through all of you that he uses me in ways that I don't realize. When Pastor Ron Domina called me yesterday he said (as we ended the call) "Thank you for your faithful witness to all that God has revealed to you." Ron Domina is sharing with his rather large congregation, in my home town...Torah, the calendar of YHWH, and God's Holidays as much as he is learning himself.

Pastor Ron Domina
On that note I have decided to take a break and finish something that has been searing into my heart for sometime. Pastor Ron Domina represents to me that I need to stay close to the revelation God showed to me in July, 2007 (Step away from all of the other stuff.)....

Abba, Father I believe is saying to Jeff...
"Go fishing, take a break, finish that book"........

I receive a lot of encouragement...this one put a tear on my face

"Shalom brother. I am on chapter six of your book Un-Coloring Race. It is a very moving testimony of what the LORD has brought you through. Thank you for writing it, it is sharpening my iron for the days to come and the work YHVH has for me. Prayer, encouragement, and blessings for you in this current battle against affliction in the name of Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus)."
Thanks Ronald...........

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