Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flipping God the Bird

Those who reject God have no idea about anything accept for what their heart's desire. Meanwhile, I am watching the ONE who created everything set into motion the greatest redemption of humanity that the world has ever seen. God never created mankind in order to kill mankind. He instead, is bringing forward his Kingdom or his reality into this earth. The redemption of Israel and the seventy nations is imminent. However those who would stand against his plan are........Stupid!

He is going to reveal to those people fully why they should not, "Flip Him the Bird!"

Revelation 16:2 The first went, and poured out his bowl into the earth, and it became a harmful and evil sore on the people who had the mark of the beast, and who worshiped his image.

All rebellion to what God is doing is now being confronted. It has always been God's plan to bring what we cannot see about him into our reality. The reality is, he has no challengers, no struggle, no problem whatsoever accomplishing his purposes. We on the other hand have strayed so far away from what he is doing that we cannot see his arsenal. He brings forward love, long suffering, justice, righteousness, mercy and grace. 

He also brings forth festering boils and eight other known realities that kill gods!

Exodus 9:9 It shall become small dust over all the land of Egypt, and shall be a boil breaking forth with boils on man and on animal, throughout all the land of Egypt."

He will restore Israel which is well underway and he will bring retribution to the nations that reject his divine authority!
Noah would understand well the rebellion against a Holy God now on display. He would lower his head and work that much harder on the task given him. He understood who people were flipping off!

The Blood Moons are echoing God's hand, forever involved in redeeming us from one another. He warns us using his creations, not that he is about to destroy us but rather that he is about to correct us, lead us, restore us. Those who commit evil in the sight of God are about to meet him in battle. Stupidity is a consequence of rejecting God. The Pharaoh of Egypt during the time of Moses was the finest example of Stupid!

I am watching God separate the Tares from the Wheat!
God is saying to the rulers of this world, LEAVE MY PEOPLE ALONE...
While many in HIS world are flipping him the bird. Stupid is cyclical too!
Whoops there it is!
I believe God just commanded one of his angels..."Go ahead, pour it!" If so, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is about to look....Stupid! America is about to understand the word, Plague!

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