Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Women "HIS Mighty Warrior"

Confession time: While writing "Women, The Crown Jewel of Creation" I felt that issues within my own relationship/marriage were not right. I felt hypocritical thinking too, "Jeff, YOU have to learn a few things before you can write anymore on this subject." So I quite writing the book, set it aside if you will. I told my wife recently, That I would give up my life for her especially when it comes to knowing Abba, Father in the way that I have come to know our Creator....This touched her! (Giving up my life for her is a no brain-er for me but I had never told her that) I have known her since 1986

Lately I have been buying her little things and we are planning a trip to Israel for her and my sister...So here is why I am sharing this: I played the following video for her. (I have been telling my wife for years, "We either believe a lie or we believe truth")

In my book I just want women, all women to know that being the very last thing that YEHOVAH created represents to all of creation the most precious thing in Creation. I would suggest to you, the strength of creation is the heart of God (This could be why God said, "It is not good for a man to be alone")...He had not placed into the earth the very thing needed to teach a man how to serve.......The warrior presence of the heart of God is who Eve is...............................

Yes, I would die for the heart of my Abba, my Father!
Everyone of us who enjoys the heart of the Father, came into being because of the heart of His Daughters!

Enjoy the Festival of Sukkot

Dr. Frank Seekins understands all of this


Mary Sueper said...

Thanks for posting these videos. There's a lot there to digest.

Mary Sueper said...

I appreciate those videos you posted. There is a lot to reconcile with!