Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Black America, Go pull Israel out from under the bus!


I have been saying the following since 1980........

 After watching this video, I started to cry!
I think to be a Nigger, Colored, Negro, Black, and now, African American is due to not being a child of God, full of forgiveness, wisdom, faith, and love....

God removed the African slaves from being a commodity but left it up to these folks to remove hatred, bitterness and anger...Far too many black folks passed these attributes down through their generations

Learn about what YHWH is doing, not what sin is doing...

This is the problem, we keep hoping that someone will come along with truth and fix things!...That happened 2000 years ago via Israel....

But most black folks don't understand Israel! Every time a black pastor opens up the book that God inspired Israel to write they miss the point! (they have 2000 years of company)

Watching an entire community of "Colored People" live not according to Kingdom people is pathetic for me personally!

When are Americans going to hold ourselves accountable for the curses produced within our country? Curses and judgments happen to all colored folks red, black, white, brown, and green if your last name is Banner!

So, if you vote for a Eddie Murphy once said, "Have a Coke and a smile and shut the "F" up!" Oh yes he did!

God is not a colored God but, rather the God of color!
So to these men, Go Pull Israel out from under the bus, watch what happens!

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