Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Authored By Jeff S Morton

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Women, The Crown Jewel of Creation

Authored by Jeff S Morton 

ISBN-13: 978-1502924254 ISBN-10: 1502924250 

Hope to publish my new book January 2015

Should you watch the following Video...Please understand that my book is a heart felt look at the most beautiful, most precious aspect of Creation....The final Touch, frosting on the cake...Crown Jewel behind the brilliance of God for placing into his plan...Women!

This video captures what God did when he created all of the rest of us through his daughters. When I watch this video I see what God intended, not what we have done..What he intended is beyond comprehension and yet...here we all are?

FYI..My Creator, My Savior is not Allah however, this is an awesome video so I used it...Nuff Said! 

And yes, a picture of our Mother will grace the cover of my book! Just not sure which one yet?

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