Wednesday, September 3, 2014

You can get High, be Homosexual and Abort (Sacrifice) your child

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

The world is raising up murders, perverts, parents who kill their children, drug addicts, fathers who are not fathers, and relationships that cannot produce futures..This is how they want us to raise up a child in the way that they should go....Well, I am here to remind you that this is insanity!!!!!!!!

Conferences For Young Adults is our attempt to say to our youth, YOU MATTER, YOUR VOICE is IMPORTANT.

Nathan Grapes of Grapes2Press, LLC and I are working hard to bring CFYA, a grass roots effort to fruition. We want to say to YOUNG people, being involved with Politics, Biblical Truth and History about the ONE race of people born from dust is not archaic thought, wasted time and fruitless.

We are asking those of you who want to be involved to attend, to help us support (cost) and to come and learn. We are asking you to pay a reasonable fee in order to help us plan the next event. We have to generate revenue in order to move forward.

We need businesses that are not raising up a child to be homosexual, to get high, or to abort children to help us. We need you to sponsor what we are doing. Our Youth need to know history.

History demonstrates how nations kill themselves especially when they kill their next generation!
Those who vote for lawlessness are out voting the next generation. We want to Fight Back, Vote Back your futures.

Hope is part of participation. Doing nothing means, Nothing is getting done! How much hope is there in doing nothing?

Conferences for Young Adults is not a faith based endeavor but rather an idea presented by Jeff Morton, owner AJKM Productions and Nathan Grapes of Grapes2press LLC. However, (and you can rest assured) both Nathan and I are faith based fathers. We are fathers whose children know us because we raised them, we love them.
We are two fathers telling you:
  • A video game for 8 hours a day is robbing you.
  • Getting high legally is defeating you.
  • Sex for the sake of sex is disrespecting you.
  • Killing a child in the womb will cripple your spirit and haunt your future
  • Not being a father to your child is dishonoring everything that you represent.
  • Men with women produce children, the foundation of Marriage and Family
  • Truth does not fluctuate.

We are not a non profit on purpose. We are two business people who are not okay throwing away the next generation! I am involved in a variety of activities...The website will present or rather consolidate virtually everything that I do. It will include CFYA, AJKM Productions, my radio broadcasts, pod-casts, blog, everything centralized.  We are working hard to get the website functional.

We are not okay with training up Drug abuse, Homosexual Behavior, Child Sacrifice otherwise known as abortion...And we are not okay with revising history so as to dumb down our children!

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