Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Addendum: The Jeff Morton FLYER (I am trying to learn how to do all of this stuff)

Addendum & FYI...
I am working diligently on making the CFYA happen. Several community members have contributed to what we have started...Think of it like this-With those contributions and our desire to see this happen we are carving a hole in the side of Mt Rainer with a spoon...But, we will "git R done" with your help, your sharing this information and sponsorships. Please tell everyone, share this information...The flyer you see up above was put together in haste just to get the word out. We have another on in the works! (By someone who knows about these things!

I have not heard from Susan DelBene or Derek Kilmer (All are invited) Still working on getting the Website completed http://jeffsmorton.com

To Business leaders: We need your sponsorship dollars to make Conferences For Young Adults an ongoing  entity in order to present to our youth HOPE and the opportunity to learn the process and participate in the outcome. My company is not a Non Profit ......

Conferences For Young Adults is a "Grass Roots" idea asking parents, business owners and YOUNG people to return to the process of knowing actual HISTORY, not made up history! We ask the question: Why do we keep repeating the same mistakes of History?

Just click the PAYPal tab on my blog to purchase tickets

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Peggy Hutt said...

Am liking it Jeff! I hope to come.