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Rejecting Women Is Just Damned Evil!

I could write a book about the ups and downs of knowing my wife, and the hell we have suffered through. (Most of which we brought on ourselves.) I have known my wife since 1986. In 2009 she filed for divorce. In 2012 She called me while I was in recovery from 8.5 hours of surgery saying, "I made a mistake divorcing didn't I? "We have both made many mistakes" was my response. We remarried in July 2012. We have been piecing together our lives ever since.

In 2007 something so astonishing occurred in my life, changed everything! My four adult children saw a radical change in dad. To this very day they really don't know what happened but they do know something happened. "Dad is like 'Bible Crazy' these days," one of my daughters quipped a few years ago. The simple revelation that I received was "Understanding what Israel is to God, Why Jesus was Jewish, Why Israel is now "Born Again!" Since that moment in 2007 when in, what was like a nano second in time, God became tangible. I now understand that every breath I take confirms YHWH. This is true for every human being that has ever lived.

I wrote a book, "Un-Coloring Race" Not because I wanted to be a voice against racism but because I realize that an idea was acted upon by God, we are that idea realized. I see what HE is doing. It is the easiest witness or confirmation of our Creator (For me) to look at people and see God. For me, what the human being is surpasses understanding, defies imagination. We are so far beyond comprehension. When you really think about this, really consider why you exist, how you exist, you might also see that You and I are...miraculous!
Please watch this 14 minute video before you continue reading:

When God showed to me who he is, when he answered a personal plea it was like being alive for the first time. In a nano second I became who I was supposed to be rather than who the world taught me to be. I remember the day God removed anger from my spirit. It was like someone pulled a sweater up and over my head freeing me from an identity that taught me how to exist. I saw peace for the first time. Something in my core changed. I remember the day well, I was talking about my wife to a friend, complaining really. I said to him these words, "My mother is the strongest woman I have ever known" A little voice in my head whispered, "Quit expecting your wife to be like your mother. Your mother gave her life to me because she hated being what you think she is!" Yikes!

A few seconds later the sweater over the head moment happened! I think it was late 2008, shortly before my wife moved out of my life in 2009. After she left I remember laying in bed thinking, "Well, I told her that if she did not get it together she would have to leave." I was feeling justified the boss had spoken type attitude! About a year later (while writing "Un-Coloring Race) a little voice in my head said, "Yup, I let her leave because you just ain't getting this." In that moment I realized that being an idiot can go unnoticed for years! 

When my wife called and said, "I made a mistake divorcing you" a little voice in my head said, "Now you are ready to take care of my daughter!" I was reading the book, "The Garden of Peace" at this very moment, my face covered in tears, recovering from surgery when the phone rang! I remember when they wheeled me into surgery thinking my best friend is not here. 
To every man who loves God and to every man who just ain't getting it! Read this book

Yesterday a friend called and said, "Jeff, I think you put a smile on the face of God everyday that you live. Your passion, your gifts and why you do what you do has to please God." 
I have been feeling a little down about the lack of participation for Conferences for Young Adults. I have also been grieving for the women who were brutally attacked in Oklahoma one of whom was killed by decapitation. My spirit has been particularly distraught over this and now, while writing this, the realtor in Arkansas has been found dead. Reportedly she was buried alive. Equally disturbing is the missing college student who is now thought to be the victim of a serial killer.

A boy in a man's body knocked his girlfriend out with a fist to her head (in an elevator) and then dragged her out when they had reached his floor...Excuse me!!!!!!

The video above shows, reveals the intricate care that God took when creating the process of birth. Watching this video is like a celebration of his love visually presented to all of us. A stunning video presentation of our Creator's brilliance and dedication to his handiwork. Those who created this video are an extension of the miraculous, really! To visually see what happens inside of the mother, the woman who would bring forth life declares the glory of God. To see how a fusion takes place that honors why God created life is breathtaking. What men offer in this process is not random but precise, specific, and purposed. Our role is built in, obligatory. We were never supposed to toss our children into the fires of Molek or hand them over to abandonment. We were supposed to be outraged at abortion. We had a mandate to say in the Garden of Eden, "Get thee behind me!" Our job was to stand for the miracle taken from within us. Societies are collapsing throughout history because we have shrugged off the obligation to be a voice for our wives, our mothers, our kids.

I have listened to just about everyone say to me what they think I should do with the Conferences for Young Adults. I have received letters suggesting a variety of do's and don't. I have called schools, politicians, both Republican & Democrat, women's groups, business owners, community leaders, churches.....This is what I hear across the board, "Our Young People don't care about politics!"
Well, they came out in droves to vote for Barack Obama! Partly because of the campaign to engage them. Well, this is what Conferences for Young Adults is trying to do. So, I go back to my prayer closet and say to God....What should I do now Father? Nevertheless, "Doing Nothing means, Nothing is getting done! I am a person who knows God....

Personally, I don't give a damn if people around me don't. What I care about is appreciating God's daughters and the children that they bring forth. My mother said to my sister, "I have never known the love of a man." In her desire to be loved she gave birth to seven children. During our up bringing no man obligated himself to her or to my brothers and sisters...

I have never known the love of my earthly father
In 1973 The United States of America voted into law a mandate saying it was now legal to throw our children into the fires of Molek. We have a generation of kids who are Fatherless, who are devalued and who are not engaged in why God created all of us! Women now have the right to reject the very reason God created them.....

I watched a video of ISIS fighters burying young boys alive. I watched another video of a man kicking a new born crushing the child with his feet. Why are we not OUTRAGED?
One reason is because we do the same thing via medical science and our legal system. I remember watching a video of a baby inside the womb fighting the forceps reaching for it in order to rip the child from life

Tell me, what woman has confidence in the process of life when we stop obligating ourselves in protecting it? What woman is going to follow God's mandate when men vote to shred it? Whose job is it to train up a child in the ways of God?
Yes, I am a bit down that far too many men are walking with the serpent and not with God.

Our young people are sitting ducks.

I love my children, I wish that I knew what I know now.  Real fathers always say stuff like this, huh? When my wife called and said, "I think I made a mistake" my obligation was to ask her to come home! I had an obligation to restore my family as opposed to being an idiot. I had this song play at  re-wedding-Click Here- I understand this song in ways that I cannot communicate to you, the reader.
And for the record, I am not going to shut up about what God showed to me either! YHWH is doing something GIGANTIC in the earth...

Since 2007 I realize that we have been taught a gigantic lie. Where are the Fathers, Where are the men of God? Most believe the lie, I did too!
Reject racism, antisemitism, godlessness, selfishness, greed, political inactivity, divorce, abandoning your kids, disregarding God's daughters, biblical apathy. Women are not collection depots of the seed of life. They are not slaves to Islam or sex objects for the West
Please stop rejecting God. The heart of our Creator is suffering and so too are her children

God showed to me the day that my wife called that she, like all women represent his very heart in the earth. The very last thing that he placed into Creation was his daughters. Who gave birth to a...Son!

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