Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mark Biltz told me: Our Family Pastor of Nearly 40 Years Has "EPIPHANY"

Upon arriving at El Shaddai Ministries yesterday for our weekly Sabbath Service Pastor Mark Biltz shared with me news about Pastor Ron Domina of Bethel Christian Fellowship, Rochester, NY

But first, a little back ground

Pastor Ron Domina served as head Pastor of this assembly for most of my mother's Christian walk, nearly 40 years. Our mother gave her life to Christ 37 years ago (by my account.) Mom has survived four stokes in recent years but at 76 she is alive an vibrant. Her world has changed as a result but, not her love for the God of Israel! Through her, most of our immediate family has learned about the Bible. I was the first to ask Jesus into my life, Mom soon followed.

I often joke about our family pet, Satan, a black mutt that we all grew to love prior to learning about YHVH. Yup, we were a mess! I have a younger brother, David Morton who is a pastor, possibly inspired by Ron Domina. He too, has faithfully served for well over ten years. Possibly much longer as the Pastor of Hope Community Church, Greenville, South Carolina.
Ron Domina has been as much apart of our family as has been just about every member of our family. He has been an example of truth, wisdom, and commitment for as long as we have known him and his family. Well, I have been sharing TORAH and Yeshua proper, to my family for seven years now. I have been trying to share with Christians what we have not been taught, how we have been robbed basically for 1800 years about the Biblical narrative centric to Israel. It is mind blowing when the Christian discovers that story!

When my beloved aunt Lola passed away a few years ago I traveled back to be with our family during her passing. I took with me several video teachings of Pastor Mark Biltz. I sat with Pastor Ron Domino in his office encouraging him to review the material. This would have been the Feasts of the Lord DVD with accompanying book as well as Studies in our Hebrew Roots. I am sure that I took a couple of other things as well.

Now, let me tell you about a dream
Prior to going home for a funeral, I dreamed that I was walking down Elba Street, the street where my family grew up on. There were children playing as I walked. I was looking at various homes where childhood friends once lived remembering the many years of my youth. Somehow in this dream I was talking with the kids about my years growing up pointing to them where my home once stood. (That home was lost to a fire the lot now empty.) Additionally and while talking with the "YOUNG People" I began sharing TORAH with them. I awoke & knew that I would be taking the message of TORAH, reconnected to the Gospel back to Rochester. Not more than a couple of weeks later I was sitting in Pastor Ron Domina's office at Bethel Christian Fellowship. My sister Desiree (Desi, to us) sent plane fare to attend my beloved Aunt Lola's (Mom's elder sister) funeral. It was this very sad occasion that placed me before Pastor Ron Domina sharing Torah.

Yesterday my Pastor, Pastor Mark Biltz shared that he and Ron Domina were together recently flying to Israel for a special CUFI (Christian United For Israel event) Apparently, during this trip they struck up a conversation whereby and eventually Ron Domina read Mark's book concerning the coming Blood Moons. Shortly thereafter, Ron Domina contacted Mark Biltz fully "Blown Away" according to Pastor Mark Biltz. He, Ron Domina was totally excited about whatever YHVH showed to him asking Mark Bitz to come to Rochester as soon as possible. Now mind you I was not a part of the conversation. Pastor Mark said to me that Ron Domina,  "GOT IT!". He has apparently not reviewed anything that I took to him a few years ago but was now reviewing anything and everything because he understands?

Bethel Christian Fellowship 321 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14604

An invitation has been extended to Pastor Mark Biltz to come to Rochester specifically to Bethel Christian Fellowship. (Mark Biltz is very, very busy traveling the globe, sharing the revelation God poured into him concerning the hour we live in). I asked Pastor Mark Biltz that if he finds the time to go back to my home town, I would love to tag along? I guess we will see if YHVH will allow that

Finally, Bethel Christian Fellowship is a mega church in the heart of Rochester, NY. This assembly loves Israel and loves God.
A congregation that for at least the last 37 years has never been....dead! Pastor Ron Domina recently stepped down as the head Pastor. He has faithfully, faithfully served God and is now doing other things for the Kingdom.

What is curious to me is YHVH'S timing. YEHOVAH intimated to me through his spirit that he was going to show to Pastor Ron Domina what we Christians have not been taught for 1800 years...God is faithful, FAITHFUL to what he says and does......(I need no proof, patience, but not proof, smile!)

Of course and like always, I am sitting on the edge of my seat watching all that my LORD is doing...The Elohim of AM ISRAEL is drawing the nations and the assemblies back unto himself. This revelation on going continues to bring me to tears! I hope to speak with Pastor Ron Domina in the coming days. I too, am watching the "Next Chapter" of Bethel Christian Fellowship!

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shell schwell said...

Shalom Jeffrey, what a wonderful story. HaShem spares no effort in bringing HIS Truths to those who truly desire them. This is also a lesson in patience for those of us who are constantly explaining to Abba why HE really needs to get on something and make sure it is done by tomorrow. What are the odds of your Pastor possibly crossing the country to meet with your Mom's Pastor and congregation. Add the fact that just as Pastor Domina retires HaShem slaps him on the back and says "hey there, now that you have all the time in the world, I got a little job for you." Abba there is none like YOU.