Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jim Bakker Show September 17th, 2014 [One & Two]

Please understand that Jeff Morton (Me) I do not see the Bible from a Religious world view...I see it as (among other things) a legal book of Jurisprudence declaring that God is bringing his Kingdom to this earth. Sort of like God commanding what he wanted placed into the Ark of The Covenant. Well God placed his statutes, commandments and historical prolog into the earth for public display.

His will is being done no matter what we have done trying to comprehend him or in rejection of him.....

I am extremely bias because of what YHWH showed to me in 2007 not because of what Mark Biltz does or does not do. However, what Mark Biltz was shown places into perspective what I was shown...I see the Bible in patterns, repetitions, themes. I can connect certain biblical events that declare God showing to us his method of communicating...It is like he uses the lives of people to show us a schematic of the Kingdom that he is building...Geez, I wish I could say this clearly but I just cannot...Anyway...What is being shared here on the Jim Bakker show...IS FOR ME as clear as if I was looking at what God was doing from inside his very head..(I know that sounds a bit ostentatious..but, I don't have faith in God, I have absolute knowledge of God. I see him doing, as opposed to hoping he will do?

Jeff Morton 

The Jim Bakker Show

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