Wednesday, September 17, 2014

GOD (YHWH) is downloading information

Those of you who know my story know that in 2007 I received a download of information that made me aware of TORAH, New Moons, Festivals of The Lord (Leviticus 23) and most important HOW the Bible communicates what God is doing. It is not possible for me to take my Christian understanding and filter what I was taught through all of what happened in 2007. I actually have to place my Christian understanding aside in order to make it, make sense with what God showed to me.
I understand the so called "New Testament" exponentially more now that I understand the first 3/4 of the entire book. The more I look into what is being communicated the more I see how limited we have been in our understanding. I feel like a bug moving across Jupiter trying to comprehend what I now see being revealed...It is just too amazing to communicate, really!

While watching the following Sid Roth program  with Pastor Mark Biltz I was in tears. The same thing happened to a friend of mine because WE UNDERSTAND why the audience is gasping. I want so bad for my Elohim, the God of Creation to open the eyes of my Christian Brothers and Sisters....
These blood moons are gigantic with regard to WHY  they are happening! The world is not comprehending this and the church truly is on the wrong calendar understanding...

My entire spirit weeps for those who reject what God is doing because of HOW we have been taught over the last 1800 years. However, to toss Jesus (Yeshua proper) out of what is unfolding is in my opinion, INSANITY!

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Next Year over Israel will be a blood moon or eclipse, it will be a perigee moon which will be at the closest point to earth (in other words of the 12 cycles of the moon this one will be closer than all of the other 11) It will be at a Shemitah/Jubilee, during Sukkot or Festival of tabernacles...This has never happened before according to Mark Biltz..(Via NASA) It will also be a time when the King of Israel is to read the entire Torah or the first five books of the Bible. So, comparatively, think of walking into a casino, pulling the lever on five machines and hitting the jack pot on every one!

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