Sunday, September 21, 2014

AJKM Productions "My website and new Company"

Thanks to Brandon Lee for putting together a very simple website that will allow a more centralized web presence for just about everything that God allows me to do

I decided to not become a non profit. My Lawyer said, "This will keep you honest?"

My focus is to promote our, Youth, Biblical Truth, Political Involvement and I am going to fight as though I were a warrior angle against Racism, Antisemitism, and STUPID!

I also will be bringing my radio show back to the Internet in order to introduce YOU, your works, your thoughts, your products, your book...

Nathan Grapes and I will be developing CFYA as part of our focus via our two companies
We have a few things planned

1) Wallbuilders is coming

2) Showing Dinesh D'Souza's movie "America, Imagine Life Without Her"
This will be done at El Shaddai Ministries (Tacoma, WA) for free to teens and young adults on a Monday (to be scheduled as soon as we are granted permission)

3) The Lies That Are The BDS Movement
Fighting back the Insanity against Israel...Our young people need to know the truth! A Biblical Miracle is unfolding in front of the entire world it has two parts:
  • #1 Israel is "Born Again"
  • #2 For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city will be taken, the houses rifled, and the women ravished. Half of the city will go out into captivity, and the rest of the people will not be cut off from the city.

Business owners:...I need your help
Parents: Nathan Grapes and I want to help you.

Young people...YOU matter...Look up every once in awhile!

For as long as I can, I will fight against the chaos perverting God's Kingdom, Come!

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