Sunday, August 24, 2014

YAHWEH did not create us to kill us

A moment of truth: 

On June 1st I started broadcasting on Salem Communications Conservative talk radio. The shows cost 150.00 per week. I chose to drive to Seattle and back every weekend or Sundays. I had not paid for any of these programs. All were paid by sponsors and supporters of what I do, why I do it. Here is the problem..I started feeling guilty because I was doing what I wanted to do but everyone else was paying for it...I could not shake this feeling. Also, I want to do more than be a voice speaking my opinions hence my program was interview based. I want to promote those who are fighting back because of our alignment to "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done"

My company is AJKM Productions..which hopes to promote life, hope and truth....not Jeff Morton.

At roughly the same time back in June I started really crying out for YOUNG people who are in my opinion, really sitting ducks in how AMERICA is faltering...They have a very shaky future...with terrorism, our nations debt, and the overall GODless society now causing just about every curse known guiding the next generation. (which is growing up in all of the crude)...

We put together CONFERENCES for YOUNG ADULTS which requires a great deal of funding, planning etc. I have redirected resources and contributions to help get our first conference done. Paying Salem Communications for the services they have provided inhibits our ability to move forward.......So, I am leaving this format and returning to Internet radio. For the last week I have been looking at different options. The costs are considerably less (I just have to learn how to do it...better!

All the while, and as a believer in HOW YHVH does things...I am quite certain that a time of correction is coming/happening to the country, AMERICA, our country! Far too many of our young people have no concept of how God, who orders all life is building up his Kingdom in the earth..History uncovers truth and so we are going to focus on Historical truth.....My last show today on Freedom1590 will be with Mr. Trevor Loudon.
I go live at NOON Pacific time. Thank you for YOUR support

YAHWEH did not create us to kill us...We need to prove this to our young people!
History is a great teacher!

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