Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Prodical Kids"

When speaking with my son a couple of days ago about world events, Biblical events I felt like I was talking through a glass partition...The kind that break a parents heart! Mind you, my son is not in jail. He is busy trying to raise our grand daughter, Albeit, I did ask his girl friend if she wanted to be married to my son. She said almost immediately...YES! We just adore her and would welcome this development......

Nevertheless, our young people are disconnected from what Yahweh is doing. Why he ordained marriage, families, and households is not a part of the psychology of our youth. Our young people live in a culture of divorce and busted!

Yahweh is looking at his kids in the same way that I was looking at my son!

I am pulling back from broadcasting of AM radio largely due to cost. Having been on AM Radio  for nearly three months, mentally, I was struggling with asking people to support something that I wanted to do.....all the while thinking of making a difference? I can do more with that money for more people is what it boils down to.

We want to move forward sharing Biblical truth, Torah Truth...Blood Moon Truth, judgement or correction truth...Restoration of truth into the lives of our young people by assuring them that these things happen in order to cause God's family to come home, not be wiped out of existence.

The earth is not getting ready to end...Broken-ness is. The best part of why we are created is yet to come, not end....

Our youth need to hear this message...This is a focal shift on my part, from a father's heart! Our children are sitting ducks because they have no reality check happening. Many of them are just trying to do what we did while hell is moving against them...They want families and they want life!

I am not quitting radio just reducing costs...I tried something only to find out that it was too costly...So, we are re-thinking what we are doing in order to do more with YOUNG adults and our teenagers.

Stay tuned

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