Friday, August 22, 2014

Un-Coloring Race is Returning to Internet Radio

Currently I am learning how to as well as developing our first CFYA "Conferences For Young Adults"

My last broadcast on Salem Communications is August 24th with returning guest Mr. Trevor Loudon....
Trevor will be in a couple of locations in Seattle Tacoma area

Gig Harbor
Renton, Covington

I am redirecting the costs associated with doing AM Radio into purchasing equipment that will allow me to not pay, in some cases 750.00 a month to broadcast my Program, Un-Coloring Race . The reduction of costs will be then allocated to establishing a monthly conference for YOUTH or Teens and Young Adults. Your continued contributions are helpful

We are using your contributions to maximize the conference concepts and pulling back a little bit, starting out smaller asking for your prayers. So far we have received just under $2000.00. We are scouting a location to have our first conference to host about 50 young people.

The conferences will require online registration, advanced payment, signed parental permission forms. Advanced payment will cover associated costs.

Some associated costs
  • Liability Insurance
  • Location Rental
  • Guest Speaker Fees
  • Security
  • Snacks (Refreshments)

Conferences For Young Adults is a business venture not a non profit. AJKM Productions is the entity behind promoting CFYA

We believe parents should be involved in teaching our young people

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