Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two Torah based, Gospel sharing Witnesses [Mark Biltz & Jonathan Cahn]

I find it very interesting that TWO witnesses are warning the nations...I understand this almost like looking/watching another rerun of the Wizard of OZ [for the billionth time!]

The clarity by which I understand most of this is a miraculous thing in my life. This all began in 2007 for me.

Pastor Mark Biltz

(Mark Biltz on the Jim Bakker show click here)

While watching the following I heard (and needed to hear) the source of my depression from time to time...Being a watchmen, bringing warning is very, very, very hard to endure especially when those who don't want to hear it are people you LOVE.
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Rabbi Cahn: It's Coming VERY Soon, and HAMAS Is All Throughout the Bible-Prophetically! from Lyn Leahz on Vimeo.


Kristen Durboraw said...

I also can't help but keep thinking of the "two witnesses" when I hear Cahn and Biltz. Interesting that is the name of a recent documentary show that came out featuring both of them. Look it up..."Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses." I just recently thought of this...looks like you thought of it a year ago or so. God bless and keep you.

Gail Gardner said...

It just occurred to me today that Jonathan Cahn was one of the two witnesses and I found this searching to find the other one. Thank you for sharing. If only I could get more people to listen.