Sunday, August 17, 2014

Prepared statement read on my program today


About a year ago I started reading the writings of George Mendenhall and Meridith Kline. Both men studied the Ancient Near East Covenant or Treaty Law. I came across a radical professor Sheila McGinn (Very Liberal according to what I have read about her) who furthered explaining to me Ancient Covenant Law via her writings. Through her, I found another professor, Professor Christine Hayes (Harvard) who has provided an entire course, on line about similar subject matter and Old Testament Israel. I have watched the entire Lecture series. More recently, I am reading the work of Professor John H Walton of Wheaton College

I was first introduced to all of this via Rico Cortes, my friend, my brother, an individual that I met seven years ago. What I have learned over the last eight years of my life as a Christian was cemented in 2007 when I had two experiences that forever changed my Biblical understanding. The first occurred in June of 2007 when I heard an audible voice say to me, "Because I was Jewish, go learn why I was Jewish!" his occurred while attending a church in Vancouver, WA. It was a moment in time that took my faith in a God, the God of Israel to another place. Later, a month later, I met Mark Biltz, Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries. The day I met him, virtually while shaking his hand, I had a "download" of information dropped into my head. I knew in a nano second that what I had learned about the Gospel of Jesus was missing the Hebrew reality of the Bible. I understood in a millisecond that the story of Israel was not taught to me, the story of the church was all I knew about what God was doing. For the first time in my walk of faith..I knew something was wrong with my Christian concepts. My life was forever changed.

What was dropped into my head in a single moment caused me to seek others who might have understood what was swirling around in my spirit. I met these so called Messianic folks or Hebrew Roots crowd. Through them I begun to make sense of what was now in my head. I saw the Bible completely different. Even in this I was not wanting to be Jewish or to look, act and somehow transform myself back to first century Judaism....

What became the predominant, driving force, coursing through my mind was ISRAEL. I cannot explain this beyond simply stating this fact. This has not changed. It is like for me that I know God is about to occupy his Holy Land, his royal Kingdom and that our interpretation(s) somehow lack...The purpose of having an Old Testament, a New Testament, and Covenant Law.

Personally I believe that Christianity is missing about 98% of what the Bible is communicating and Judaism is missing the role Israel was to play in Covenant Law.

I don't know how all of this fits but of this I do know...THE world is in chaos because we are not fulfilling KINGDOM law

I am learning that the entire Bible is, in one sense, a book of Kingdom Law, Kingdom Authority and a book detailing via a series of repeating themes, patterns and revelations concerning how God is ordering his Kingdom in this earth.....Through Israel for the the restoration of the nations. We all were put into this place to do something which prepares the way of the Messiah, who is coming.......

Before the children of Israel went into the Promised land, Moses gathered the full house of Israel and said essentially, Let's go back over the rules that have been re-taught to you in the wilderness.

Which brings me to my purpose for this prepared statement:

The Book of Deuteronomy according to Ancient Near East Covenant Law is the final Kingdom Document of the first four kingdom edicts otherwise known as the TORAH, or the Pentateuch if you follow a Greek Paradigm. Within the book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 28 is the chapter outlining the consequences of either following or breaking Kingdom Law! I understand this CHAPTER along with, many other aspects of the Bible that frankly my Christian faith is totally devoid of....

I understand that in America...Our nation is living under curses because of what we keep voting into law, shredding God's laws, God's ordinances. Within the black community, Fatherless homes, crime, murder, sexual Immorality continue to cause the Curses of a holy God to oppress and collapse this community. Gay and Lesbian immorality is crushing holiness and righteousness...Political corruption, greed, and selfishness and killing prosperity and weatlth.....Tossing God out of our society simply means he is leaving....What comes next is well documented in the Biblical narrative. The collapase, overthrow and horrible killing of a conquering nations according to Covenant law is going to crush the borders of the United States of America...This is what has always happened to nations that turn from God having been blessed by God....This is mandated via Covenant Law. We cannot reject a Holy God, The GREAT King who ordained everything and not experience his wrath...this is how I understand the Bible.....Thy Kingdom Come is coming...This madness we keep choosing will be removed...It is just that simple.

America tossed out Kingdom Authority and so the curses of Deuteronomy 28 are falling on this nation. We are trying to do something that honors God by Fighting back, Voting back his ways into our nation. We are trying to do something while something can be done. We are mocked and attacked and becoming outnumbered....but so too was Joshua, Gideon, Esther and so many, many others from Israel, Just like Israel today!

Our Children are being taught to love sex, love fame, and love godlessness!

I don't see the Bible from a Christian Lens anymore but rather as a Kingdom edict full of ordinances that reveal Kingdom Law via the history of Israel...........
Israel's rebirth is a miracle of our generation but following the edict of our GREAT king in that the rebirth of this nation is a promise being realized in preparation for the coming Messiah...based on Kingdom precedent, Ancient Near East Covenant Treaty Law in action. Those folks thousands of years ago learned all of this from obeying the Laws of God.

Read Deuteronomy 28 beginning at verse 15-68
and read Leviticus 26:14-46

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