Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Please Explain STAR WARS to Noah

I live in a predominantly Christian based society that does not know the Bible. Biblical Noah did not even have a Bible. Nor did he have  a stove, high schools, gasoline, helicopters, out board motors or sewing machines. He did not have any of these things that YOU and I culturally identify with....Considering this very simple observation: How would you explain Star Wars to Noah?

Noah did not have the English language, nor did he have an ink pen...How would he explain to us building an Ark? No Home Depot, power tools, nails, saw blades nothing!

Now, have a hypothetical conversation with Noah about God.......Go ahead, tell him what you think and then listen to him tell you what he understood?

After doing this, stand in front of a church and teach Christianity with out TORAH, The Culture of Biblical Israel, Hebrew and the concepts they used to tell America about their history before the nation of Israel existed.......
Before English existed, before YOU existed?

Having a problem? Well watch all of the following video presentation from Professor John H Walton
WARNING: This will require  2 hours, 8 minutes and 7 seconds of your life....

After you finish watching the presentation explain the 7 days of creation

For the record, the more I study, the more of what Christianity taught to me the more desperate I understand why I need to return to where they interpreted Western theology from. At the same time I continue to realize why I cannot sit in a Sunday church learning what most of our Christian nation does not want to know in our generation/culture!...Hmmmm?

Jeremiah 16:19 
Adonai, my strength, my fortress,
my refuge in time of trouble,
the nations will come to you
from the ends of the earth, saying,
“Our ancestors inherited nothing but lies,
futile idols, completely useless.”

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