Friday, August 8, 2014

I want to "Quit" doing this!

I have written about the statue of Nebuchadnezzar several times on this blog for a very specific reason. The "Specific Reason" has been the most difficult thing to explain. I am going to try to do this again.

In 2007 I was shown that the world exists in chaos. Every religion, every society, every aspect of humanity is in disorder. I presented the Statue as representative of the nations or nation systems that men have raised up in chaos. Whether Judaism, Christianity, certainly Islam today all have failed to represent the creator and what the Creator is doing.

Please, stick with me for a moment!

It is for me anyway, like watching the construction of something fantastic in the background of chaos. I see the rules and laws and dynamic of the Kingdom of God being prepared while a facsimile or anti world is what we have evolved in. Our construct is full of murder, hate, lawlessness. Our governance is based on lawlessness. Our laws are constructed because of lawlessness. The laws that we create have no end because life for all of us has no order!

God showed to me, ISRAEL...not the Jewish people or the wisdom, ability of the Jewish people. Rather, he showed to me what he is doing as opposed to what they have failed to do. The same is true with the church. He showed to me what he is doing in the nations...The church is what men have created.

I don't see the Bible as a Christian book at all. I don't see Christianity as a saving place for the souls but rather as a part of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar. I see every religion on earth as part of  the reflection of chaos which casts a shadow of darkness everywhere.

I see the Bible as a Legal Text, Blueprint, Template of the order of God. What he is doing follows what is written. I see our modern interpretation of this book as the very thing that causes the statue of Nebuchadnezzar to have life. The problem is that the statue moves across the earth and through the centuries bringing death and destruction. Islam is killing everything. So too, did the church and remember, the CHOSEN people were kicked out of the promised land twice!

Nevertheless, Israel is the pinnacle of what God is doing so that the nations can be redeemed from the hell we live in. (Not Judaism)

I thank YHVH for Pastor Mark Biltz & Rico Cortes because these two men are showing to me how to understand what God placed into my brain in 2007. Understanding [while continuing to study] TORAH with the Gospel intact and Ancient Near East Covenant Treaty Law is helping me to see better what HaShem (If you insist) is doing....Meanwhile, I am at odds with the statue and all of those who live according to what the statue represents...Chaos!

 As long as I see what YHVH has shown to me in the backdrop, behind the scenes.....I live in chaos with a sort of Joy that most in life cannot see. YES I want to quit doing all of this but I can't! I cannot stop trying to share this. I have very few allies, no money and no way to do any of this unless the God that showed me all of what I see provides. He does but, he does so according to what he is doing, not what I want.
Terrible times must happen soon....The statue is going to fight hard against the redemption. This is the other reason I cannot stop. I know that this is coming. When YHVH is ready the statue and everything it represents will be obliterated. I feel like I am standing at the base of the statue screaming to the majority of humanity, "Get out of this thing, it is going to be destroyed." For the record, the statue hates me too. It hates my children and your children.......

I have no academic credentials and thank GOD I have never been seminary trained. However, I have recently been introduced to the work of John H. Walton who has added much to what Rico Cortes and Pastor Mark Biltz have shared with me in order that I understand the radical life change that happened to me in 2007. I have previously read George Mendenhal's work as well as Meredith Kline I am still trying to connect to what God made my eyes to see, always....

The DVD of David and Goliath is also an attempt by me to show how the statue of Nebuchadnezzar is a pattern of God destroying a giant that corrupts mankind. I keep sharing this because it is the only way I know to explain what happened to me!
IS or the Islamic State is now [in our generation] the current religion controlling the movement of the statue.

Finally, until the next post: I don't know how to do the next thing nor do I have the money to do it. Really!  I do not have wealth, do not follow skin color and am religious-less.....[and so it goes!]

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