Tuesday, August 5, 2014

God to Mankind; "What Have YOU Done? I never said any of that!"

I watched a video presentation featuring John H Walton who has so far come the closest to how I see the Bible these days......His perspective is Christian (So what) Mine is more Torah based (with the Gospel intact)

What we share is the ability to see the Bible not as a story unfolding but rather a Blue Print of function or functionality due to a Kingdom being created or a reality under construction that reveals a divine, (YHVH) purpose. Daniel McGirr sent to me the following in PDF form (I will purchase the book)

What is amazing to me, John H. Walton deconstructs our concepts in order that we might see the understanding, pervasive understanding of "BIBLICAL Stuff" in the eyes of an ancient world. One example is our concept of Supernatural verses natural......Our concept of the very meaning of these two words would have had ZERO meaning to virtually every human being alive 4000 years ago....Hence, Mr Walton's deconstruction of modern concepts in order to explore how the ancient world comprehended concepts presented to them from OUR divine Creator YAHWEH. How did he use the reality of these people to convey his purposes and how then do we comprehend what they comprehended. Fascinating! The Bible was not written by Steven Spielberg! How would the ancient world relate to Star Wars! Well, the opposite of this would be modern humanity understanding the world they knew!

In 2007 God showed to me a smattering of what he sees, what he does, and what is being done. I feel sorry for those of us trapped in Religious mediocrity.....But even more difficult is my ability to share what I was shown from outside of the very mediocrity of how we do CHURCH!
Check this out:

The Hebrews wrote the scriptures...wiping them out of existence is the equivalent, in my eyes anyway of You or I taking a saw and sawing off our limbs. How then would we use the toilet or anything else?...

For the record, I see something amazing happening from with in a play pen (if you will) set in God's Home...with all of his kids, fighting like hell while reality is under construction...HIS REALITY!

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