Thursday, August 7, 2014

We are contacting YOU, will YOU respond?


From Nathan,

Recently, I watched an extraordinary documentary presented by PJTN or Proclaiming Justice To The Nations. Noted film maker Stan Moore along with his wife, Laurie Cardoza-Moore created a marvelous, dare I say, breath taking film regarding our biblical responsibility to stand with Israel. The film “Israel Indivisible" chronicles Israel’s right to the land via the Covenant made with Abraham in ancient history. 

The documentary also provides all of the many legislative acts via the League of Nations, the British Mandate along with Israel’s acceptance into the United Nations. The documentary also and with great detail sheds light onto the current Arab, Israeli conflict. Please consider the following link in order to watch the trailer.  Israel Indivisible

The reason for my contacting you is three-fold. PJTN presents conferences whereby Laurie Cardoza-Moore will come to your congregation and present this information and documentary. Equally, she will send out an entire packet of information to the Pastor with regard to PJTN and the goals of her organization. Her goal is always to encourage Christians to stand with what God is doing and to stand with Israel. You can contact PJTN with the following link.

My second reason for contacting you is to inform you about Conferences For Young Adults (CFYA).  

Jeff Morton who broadcasts on Freedom 1590 conservative talk radio via Salem Communications and I are putting together these conferences with one goal in mind. Our goal is to start teaching our young people the accurate history of America as opposed to what they are currently being taught in the public education system including American universities and colleges.  

After watching the movie “America” by Dinesh D’Souza we realized as business owners that there was a vacuum of this type of information available to our young people and so we are doing something about this.  We have contacted “Wall Builders, Senator Ted Cruz, Star Parker, Trevor Loudon, Lars Larson, and various other individuuals asking them to come and speak with our young people. When in the right position we will do a press release.

As we put together the website and related material please review the following link part of my business website and please consider how you can support us.  We are looking for locations, and leaders to come along side us in this endeavor. 

Finally, we would like to purchase a permit for a peaceful rally supporting Israel. We need as many churches as possible to join with us.  We would love to speak to you in person to convey what this brief letter does not allow.  We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me, Nathan at 206-601-4045 or or Jeff Morton at 253-448-4777 his email address is


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