Friday, August 15, 2014

Dan & Devorah Calic..Moving Forward

*** Our US trip begins the first week of September ***  
  • We're bringing a critical update on Israel
  • We also launching a bold new ministry! 

 In the news
Israel has again been forced into an unwanted defensive war with Hamas. They are a fundamentalist Islamic terror organization theologically committed to Israel's destruction and liquidation of the Jews, and all those who do not submit to Allah. We plan to discuss this, along with the bias against Israel in the media.

Announcing a new ministry!
We are forming a TV network which is designed to bless Israel. The short term goal is a weekly TV program oriented toward believers among the nations. The purpose is to inform viewers about how the Jewish believers are building the Kingdom within Israel in preparation for the return of Yeshua/Jesus and the ushering in of the Messianic Age.
It's called "Bless Israel Network" [BIN]. The name of the weekly program is "Revelation to the Nations." We are the hosts.

BIN logoWe have already begun filming and have recorded material for the first six programs. Our core team consists of professionals with considerable media experience including the maker of "Messianic Jews...Why Should I Care?". Another helped launch Starz Network and was with Fox News for several years. For now everyone is working on a volunteer basis.
set pic with logo
The program will be a mix of teachings, interviews of Messianic leaders and others in the believing community. It will also         include informative material about the land and people of Israel, and why it's more important than ever to focus on Zion!
The Time is Now!
We believe the time has come for Jewish believers to once again proclaim the coming Kingdom of G-d as they did in the time of Yeshua/Jesus.
100% Made in Israel!
Our program is written, produced, directed and recorded in Israel. We as your hosts live in Israel. 
Here's a sneak preview of the soon to be released announcement:
                       flyer image
Join with us- The focus of our US trip is to speak to groups, congregations and organizations who are interested in supporting the ministry as we grow. We're also seeking media exposure, ie: TV, radio, plus online and print media. This can only be accomplished together and with G-d's help.
Please contact us if you have questions, want to partner with us, or arrange a meeting with your group, or an interview. Israel is G-d's timepiece. We believe the time has arrived for a Messianic program recorded in Israel which is directed to Christians in the Nations that focuses on the coming Messianic Age.
Bless Israel Network is bold, innovative and we believe is another aspect of the fulfillment of Ephesians 2:15-16 and the One New Man. 
Spread the word! Please distribute this to the Body around the world so Jew and Gentile alike will join us as we stand together serving our King who will usher in the Messianic Age.

To support the Bless Israel Network, or contact us please visit our Contact/Donate page. 
Checks can be made out to "BIN"
Mail to P.O. Box 14084
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88013

Set up a meeting or interview
You can also send us an email if you would like to invite us to meet with your organization.
To arrange a meeting or interview: Our US contact is Ron Arnow. Ph: 909 728-9706
G-d bless you ~
Daniel & D'vorah

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