Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Conferences For Young Adults" YES, "AM Radio, Seattle" NO

I started broadcasting from KLFE 1590 or Conservative Talk Radio June 1st, 2014. At the end of August, this month I will end my program, "Un-Coloring Race."

Several factors are involved, none of which are due to a failure of Salem Communications. I was aware of the stations broadcast signal strength which is not the greatest and of their intention to increase the strength...Personally, I believe most folks are listening on line. This was certainly the case with my broadcast. I was not able to receive from Salem Communications a sense of listener ship via the Internet. I understood folks tuning in on the AM dial was not really possible for the station management to gauge. Salem Communications, for what they offered were/are simply wonderful.

Another reason is most who listen to anything I do are in step with why I do it. Namely, we see something amazing happening while much of the church in America is asleep, disconnected, or just dead! Equally, a great big chunk of our nation is disengaged, deceived, or comfortable living in chaos. Most of the folks who are either Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Torah Based Christians are rejected by main stream Christianity. I cannot tell you how many times I have received notes saying to me...I thought Hebrew Roots was heresy until I started learning what it actually was....

I am not a fan of "Blog Talk Internet Radio" Even though I am paying to keep KKRN or KINGDOM KIDS RADIO NETWORK going I have not broadcast my original program for some time.....More about this in a moment

I was speaking with my younger son yesterday, he turned 25 in July. I was sharing with him world events, Biblical events. He like many his age group or younger are completely disconnected from what is happening. Very difficult for me to have these conversations with my children however, they like a lot of youth represent the very reason "Conferences For Young Adults" is in development.

Allow me to explain:
My son is raising a beautiful daughter, both sons are raising a family. For them they just want to have the opportunity to do life like we did. For them, for all of my children, they just want to grow old and do what we did, what our parents did......
For a lot of YOUNG folks they are just trying to maneuver through the ups and the downs of life. Living with nuclear threats, Islamic insanity and a Christian message that no longer has vitality is not attractive to our young people. The nation's debt, broken families, divorce, rape, murder, political corruption, gangs these are easy things for our young people to turn off, to avoid. Our young people turn off hopelessness!

The statistics vary however most agree, youth are leaving faith based lifestyles (Barna Group Click Here) I am not a fan of the Christian message today myself.

So I started praying a couple of months ago about our young folks. A lot of ideas flooded into my head. The movie AMERICA  started my brain working ....Dinesh D'Souza presented to me...historical truth. I agreed with and knew most of what the movie revisited. Our kids do not know the history of our nation or biblcal history. Most churches treat the Old Testament like an old way of life....Therefore 3/4 of the Bible is relegated to a sort of fulfilled, done away with history!....Or 3/4 of the book is in many ways discarded. What sort of slap in the face is that to God? The Old Testament is not a reference book.

I had an agonizing weekend because I knew that I needed to switch gears. I just did not know what...
Sitting behind a microphone with the credibility of Salem Communications was not accomplishing  why I do any of this....

The ideas that we have for "Conferences For Young Adults" require funding. We need a place that can host a monthly gathering of YOUNG people in order to share history, historical information while at the same time explain why the rebirth of Israel and the building up of this land is happening.

You see, my joy is knowing that the end of the world is not occurring but rather the beginning of the end of chaos is occurring. Our young people need to know the difference. They need to know the root of the story and why we are here in the first place. We want to bring qualified individuals into their lives that share Historical truth, who encourage them to check back in and who bring a message of life, not death to youth.....Redirecting every dollar possible to accomplish this!

The lack of individual sponsors and supporters in order to satisfy costs associated with what Salem Communications offers just was not happening. Continuing to meet those costs without additional support is not wisdom. Therefore, my last show will be August 31st. Nathan Grapes and I will be looking for a more cost effective way to move forward....

"Doing Nothing means, nothing is getting done!"

Again, we were prepared to do the show through the end of the year. We have not used any contributed monies for CFYA to support the radio program. The contributions entrusted to AJKM PRODUCTION via those who support the idea of CFYA  is accumulating in my business account.

 Senator Ted Cruz will not be our 1st speaker. His office declined our invitation

We have approximately 1000 seats offered to us in order to show the Movie, "America, Imagine the world with out her" However, we cannot do this without Mr. Dinesh D'Souza's permission. We have not heard back from him as of this writing......We don't have a clue as to how this sort of thing can be accomplished and so we are asking the question...We just need an answer...?

Thank you for all of your support! We are currently reconsidering how to move forward with Conferences For Young Adults...

As far as Blog Talk Radio, I am looking for a different soon as I find one that is better my Blog Talk relationship will end.

Finally and for the record, my belief in God is based on the above

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