Friday, August 15, 2014

Conferences For Young Adults "UP-DATE"

To all of those who have contributed thus far THANK YOU. I wish I had asked for your email addresses via the mailer....

The last response from Senator Ted Cruz's scheduler was, "We are processing your request!"

My guest this weekend on my program "Un-Coloring Race" (Click Here [My Show broadcasts on Sundays]) will be my friend, Mr. Nathan Grapes, owner of Grapes2Press, LLC Click Here

Nathan Grapes
We sent out a mailer to 2100 area residents and businesses based on a desire to garner the support of our community in order to create an on going series of conferences whereby our youth would be the focus. Our purpose was to take back the minds of our young people by encouraging critical thinking based on historical truth. We are not creating a religious experience but rather a factual presentation of the world our youth are living in.

The mailer returned nearly $1000 dollars. We also received $1000 from our congregation...Several people understood what we are attempting to do. The idea is to share the movie AMERICA, Imagine the world without her by Mr. Dinesh D'Souza  (Click Here) as an inaugural event announcing our goal. Obviously $2000 in addition to various costs thus far is not a lot of funding. At best, the ability to do any of this has slowed.

We have had to re-think showing the movie to young people in a movie theater because the movie is no longer showing at various theaters. In speaking with various theater management bringing back the movie for a private viewing is not something they are eager to do, the cost is exorbitant!

Plan B
We have been granted the use of approximately 1000 seats for a Monday night showing of the movie. This requires being given permission by Dnesh D'Souza to do so. We have yet to hear back from him in order to discuss our goal and receive the required permission, cost etc, etc. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact Mr. D'Souza on numerous occasions. His schedule I am sure, is very, very busy. We keep trying.

In addition we have reached out to Politicians, Guest speakers, Academia, Historians, we have a tentative agreement with WallBuilders for January. (I just need to confirm a date and location)
We have a few things that we are working on.........

Jeff Morton in studio KLFE

Nathan and I are going to discuss all of this on the program. The heart and soul of our reason for "Getting Involved" is because....far too many of our young people are really being exposed to revisionist history, lies, distortion...What is being taught to our young people in schools is shocking and yet most of our young people have no barometer, no foundation from which to contrast what they are being taught...WE STOPPED TEACHING OUR YOUTH......This responsibility has been handed to the schools in far to many instances!

We are asking parents, business owners and anyone who wants to get involved to help us......We are not done. Conferences for Young Adults is on the drawing board not in the trash can. Hope you tune in!

FYI, I come out of the restaurant, plumbing/drain cleaning world, Nathan, production and bulk mailing. WE are both fathers, husbands, faith based men. We are learning to do this now because...Well, because we believe we have to!

Thanks for your support
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