Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Conferences For Young Adults (Pizza Party)

Quick follow up

So far we have
Wall Builders on board with our conferences
El Shaddai Ministries
Proclaiming Justice to the Nations

I have yet to hear back from Dinesh D'Souza, Senator Ted Cruz, Star Parker. 

We desperately need business community to sponsor (Financially) what we are doing)

We have received several contributions which are collecting via AJKM Productions (Banner Bank account) Thank YOU!

Trevor Loudon will be in town Seattle/Tacoma Hoping to have him back on my program August 24th
I also am working with Peggy Hutt to get TEENS to hear Loudon speak
I have reached out to
Lars Larsen
Michael Medved

Pizza Party...
If we can find a location to bring Teens out to hear Trevor Loudon speak...AJKM PRODUCTIONS  will buy the Pizza. Mr Loudon will be in our area, I have been offered either August 21 or 22nd .....

Please contact me if you can help us do this 253 448-4777 I need YOUR young people to learn History, We will bring those folks to town who will teach them truth...WILL YOU HELP US!

I need more time in a!

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