Sunday, August 24, 2014

Announcement CFYA

We have a tentative date for October the 11th.
Here is the plan:
(Washington State)

The first conference for CFYA or Conferences For Young Adults is October 11. We want to bring together Candidates who are running for the Mid Term Election to speak with our youth.

We are looking to secure a location that will accommodate 100 people (or more if needed). AJKM Productions (my company) is prepared to secure a meeting room for this event with contributions already received.

Here is my question: 

Can YOU schedule a time to come and speak to young people (16 to 21) for an hour about why your running for office and why it is important for you to address young people living in America?
Please connect me to Conservative, Tea-party leadership and Republican Party Leadership so that I can make contact with anyone interested in seeing this come to fruition. We are going to do this...

We need your YOUNG Adults and their friends to participate.​

An "On Line" registration processing form with parental permission requirements, etc, etc, along with associated fees to attend the conference is being developed as we speak.

AJKM Productions is a new company not a new Non Profit.

Let's put the candidates before our YOUNG people who will soon be voters and or who are planning on voting for the first time!

If you are a church pastor that believes we should not be involved in the political  process rest assured, the very political process you're avoiding is targeting your kids!

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