Thursday, August 14, 2014

After reading this......?

Addendum If you read this let me share with you my state of mind when I wrote it....I was IRRITATED!

About the show, Un-Coloring Race broadcast on Salem Communication's Freedom 1590 Conservative Talk Radio on the AM Dial and live on the Internet, out of Seattle WA

So, It was suggested to me to keep the show going..."It takes time to build an audience?" $200.00 a week with very little sponsor support what would YOU do? Here is the problem as I see it...I am on a conservative talk format. I have no idea who is tuning in...I am a Torah based, Gospel believing, Covenant learning, black dude who has disdain for racism and Al Sharpton ....I also would not vote for a Democrat if you shoved a nuclear bomb up my granddaughters butt...threatening detonation:

So now...who is my audience?

I tell the Christian world, "YOUR deception is as big as Jupiter"
I ask the Africa American Community, "What in HELL is an African America when God created mankind?
I say to Republicans, Get rid of the old farts who have the back bone of jelly fish!
Did I mention: Hell would be frozen before I vote for a Democrat!
For Jewish people to vote for Obama is to me the same as watching my wife eat an apple nearly 7000 years ago, go figure!

So I ask you again, whose my audience?

Oh and one more thing...I believe that the Unites States is about to be damn near obliterated and our young people for the most part are clueless about Biblical LAW, God Law! I also believe Israel has a right to exist but is about to damn near get wiped of the map....!...

I believe the word of God not the religious interpretations!

And for the record....I would incinerate myself after drinking Ebola, and bathing in Ricin before I vote for a Democrat

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