Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2:36 AM

I found a station playing an old Sinatra movie, it's 2:36 AM.
Tony Rome, a cheesy detective film made in 1967 is on my tube. My wife is in bed doing what normal people do. She is smarter than me about this sort of thing.

I awoke in my recliner struggling through the same thoughts that I fell asleep with earlier after dinner. You see, for the better part of what is now yesterday I kept thinking about the many, many twists and turns that my biblical understanding now meanders through. For me, the revelations pouring into the earth are not pouring in after all. Truth be told, the deception, distortions and centuries of interpretation have heaped layer, upon layer of garbage, dirt if you will, upon the simple truth of Creation. Reading books, contacting others (who are more astute at this stuff,) for eight years I have been digging. Each time I feel closer to layer number one a new twist, a new turn.
In all of this time I have yet to find within my spirit the death and resurrection of a Jewish Messiah to be myth.

I continue to meet people whose faith is based on how they interpret their findings. Meanwhile children are beheaded and people buried alive. Watching humanity sort of exist in the good, the bad, and the ugly mode, knowing too that I, just like many of you are the participants is almost macabre to me. Yet, I keep trying to understand a Creator who restores.

I don't know how to take a seat on the dais with the well known people of our time. I just know that doing nothing means nothing is getting done in the economy of Jeff Morton. For me, the facts are obvious because the more that I dig, the more I see the Creator. The Bible, the land of Israel and the layers of history speak to those searching....

The trouble for me today is considering all of those not searching and then the news, Robin Williams is dead, a possible suicide. Between the countless lives taken in the Middle East, children beheaded, mothers and fathers buried alive.....a voice of laughter, gone too! I loved Robin Williams (In the way most of us did)
I am a fighter, I don't know how to quit. I want to get to the bottom layer. I want to look up and see others moving with me.
Trying to get anything done is hard. Doing any of it without God is insane............

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