Friday, July 18, 2014

Who Said, "We'll have those niggers in our back pocket for the next 200 years."

During the 1960's the plan for Democrats was to lock up black men so they could effectively control their families with welfare...or the economic stability of impoverished neighborhoods.The race riots began in earnest as a result. While wealthy white kids were having sex in broad daylight, in MacArthur Park singing "Aquarius" and the beatniks were shooting dope in Greenwich Village perverting poetry, the political leaders (Democrats) were locking up black men.
This was in my email today...I understand this completely

Sin is not colored.......... 
Consider the following:
( I did not write any of the following)

I blanked out the inappropriate word JLB used to describe blacks, I find it tasteless.

We can thank the liberals and their 1960s welfare programs for many of these broken families. (When LBJ signed his historic legislation into law, he made the following statement, "We'll have those n******s in our back pocket for the next 200 years." and here we are with just  145 or so left to go.)

It was their “War on Poverty” that gave unmarried mothers financial independence, made fathers superfluous, and undermined the formation of two-parent families.
Fathers were let off the hook for their baby making and disappeared from family life. Mothers and grandmothers raised the children.
And when the fatherless boys grew up, they did what children born into broken families often do. They went out and found their own substitute families on the streets. We call them gangs.

And then as gang members, they use guns to defend their street families from those who try to do them harm the same way we’d defend our family members.
The murderous violence in our cities is never going to end until someone stands up and wakes up America with a “Put the father back in the family” speech.

Bill Cosby tried it — and caught hell. Others have caught hell for talking about the importance to children and society of intact families.

Very recent proof of this:

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Michael Harbert said...

Lyndon B. Johnson aka L.B.J.
The offensive WORD is on your front page on FB & IN THE HEADLINE ON THE BLOG...
but that was early 60's... When did it become the N word... later in the South.