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For those of you who have contributed to our "Conferences For Young Adults"

Your contributions will be deposited into the account for AJKM Productions (Banner Bank, Washington State We have received several contributions THANK YOU!

If you have used Paypal (Located upper left on this blog) those contributions have already been transferred into the account. 
I am hoping that more companies will see what we are trying to start here in Washington State. So far, individual donors have made contributions... 

As soon as we have in place what is needed along with the movie theater chosen we will be make an announcement via the media and press release! Stay Tuned

Please, we need additional support....Please review the following letter that Nathan Grapes and I mailed. If you care to participate in our inaugural event either financially or other capacity please contact me:

July, 2014

Dear  Sir, Madam, Business Owner

I have thought about how to write this letter for sometime now. The considerations that have passed through my thoughts over the last couple of weeks are numerous. Asking people to help, asking businesses to help or see value in a simple idea so as to participate, not an easy thing one should take lightly. I take nothing about what you are reading lightly.

After seeing the movie, “America, Imagine the world without her” presented by Dinesh D’Souza I am even more inclined to move forward with an idea.

I have been for sometime considering our young people, our kids, the next generation. The school systems are not teaching virtually any of the facts not only revisited via Dinesh D’Souza’s movie but in many, many instances absolute lies and distortions that make our republic appear to be always on the wrong side of history.

My new company, AJKM Productions, along with an idea presented to me by Nathan Grapes of Grapes2Press, LLC located in Kent Washington is going to attempt to make an impact that “Fights Back” what is being presented to our young people contrary to historical truth.

Nathan’s suggestion was to bring young people together to see this movie and having like-minded businesses pick up the cost. I took the idea a step further by suggesting that we start doing conferences featuring guest speakers to speak directly to our young people. We have put into motion through AJKM Productions, which also produces my radio show Un-Coloring Race (Freedom1590 AM Seattle WA, KLFE) plans to do both.

We have approached AMC Theaters about renting an entire movie theater in order to show the movie America, Imagine the world without her to teen age youth at no cost to them. In addition, I am putting together a list of prominent individuals to bring into our area specifically, to speak with our teens and young adults. We are calling this idea CFYA or Conferences For Young Adults.

Our goal, with your non tax deductible sponsorships or contributions is to invite notable historians, political conservatives and Biblical scholars into our area or Seattle, Tacoma and surrounding communities to counter the lies and distortions. In other words use the momentum of what Dinesh D’Souza is reminding all of America what this amazing idea is still about, “One Nation Under God With Liberty And Justice For All!” It can never be too late to declare the uniqueness, the exceptional-ism of AMERICA. Our youth need to see us do just that.

The first thing on the agenda is to get young people to see the movie. I think we can do this by renting a theater or two and inviting young people to participate at no cost. We need several businesses to sponsor this effort. With your additional funding AJKM Productions will coordinate CFYA’s activities. We are not, nor do we want to be a Non Profit. We are a business asking other businesses to support an idea. Currently we need 100 businesses or individuals to sponsor/contribute $100.00 or more.

If you are supportive, interested and or would like to be a part of what we are doing we are grateful. Nevertheless, to move this entire idea forward we absolutely need financial support. On the following page is a sponsorship form. We need you to return this with your contribution.

Nancy Morelli owner of Overall Office Solutions, LLC of Kent, WA handles the bookkeeping for AJKM Productions. We will use Overall Office Solutions in this endeavor as well.

Thank you

Jeff Morton Owner
AJKM Productions

Nathan Grapes Owner
Grapes2press LLC
5844 South 194th Street
Kent, WA 98032 

Nancy Morelli, Owner
Overall Office Solutions, LLC
PO Box 8671
Kent WA98042
Phone: 206.605.8762

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