Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We sent out a mailer 7-17-2014 of over 2100 letters asking for sponsors  (the cost to do stuff like this is insane!) We are also continuing to reach out for support, talking to "Schedulers" for various Politicians, Professors, Educators, Students etc, etc. The enthusiasm to move forward continues to grow based on many conversations that I am having. Nothing happens without funding and support. So far Grapes 2press and my company, AJKM Productions are covering the costs and doing all of the work in between our busy schedules. We are still hopeful to secure Senator Ted Cruz to be our 1st speaker. His staff so far is supportive of what we are doing!
 We are still planning on using AMC theaters for our kick off event showing the Movie,  "AMERICA" by Dinesh D'Souza.  (Unless we get a better offer)
 IMPORTANT Please Click Here to review mailer.

As soon as we are able to secure the funding needed and get everything in place I will do a press release informing the media of our intent and announce to the public those major sponsors who are supporting our events (with their permission)
Until the new website (Click Here) is paid for, up and running this is how I will inform you of our progress. We appreciate very much those of you who have responded with your contribution and support. Thank You so much. (I will personally respond to every contribution, every sponsor!)

Please check out my "Interview based" radio program on Salem Communications, Seattle from noon to 1:00 pacific time on Freedom 1590 KLFE Consider to becoming a sponsor of our broadcast or advertising during the broadcast contact me at or call 253 448-4777 to speak with me directly. Thanks everyone!

FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK Freedom into our nation! Racism, Biblical Apathy & Political inactivity is why our youth love their MTV. Teaching History, true history causes Kim Kardashian to be irrelevant!

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